Tracking and Monitoring

An integral part of our daily work is Tracking and Monitoring our students. We work closely with our Subject Leaders, Data Manager and his team to ensure we have current data on all students and then use this as a tool to implement the necessary support.

All students in the Sixth Form have a photo card and they are appropriately colour coded.

How we colour code

Each student receives a final target grade in each of their subjects. These grades are derived from a combination of the students GCSE results and their ALIS results (A Level Information System). The two sets of results are combined and compared against students nationally who have also achieved the same or similar scores. This system is administered by Durham University.

We find this data very useful and valid and it provides us with a good benchmark. This is not to say the students cannot exceed the predictions because, of course, they can and to the same extent they can also underachieve. Teachers will also make their own predictions on a student’s ability and all of this data is shown on the Achievement Tracker and Photo board.

  • Light Green Students exceeding their potential by 3 or more grades across all their subjects
  • Green Students on track or within 1 grade to meet their potential across all their subjects
  • Amber Students not reaching their potential by 2 grades across all their subjects
  • Red Students 3 or more grades below their potential across all their subjects

Achievement Tracker

This is an invaluable tool in helping staff, students, parents and the Sixth Form Team monitor student progress. Subject teachers work hard to ensure that the information on these documents is as accurate as possible and they give a clear indication as to how the student is performing and their predicted achievement at the end of the academic year.

Part of our Tracking and Monitoring system includes work with specific groups of students. All students on Red have individual appointments on a regular basis, dependent on the specific assistance they need. Amber and Green students will have small group meetings along more general lines but to give them an opportunity to feedback and receive guidance.

We also have an academically most able group; they receive additional support, information for Oxbridge applications and stretch and challenge opportunities.

At all times we will liaise with parents if your son or daughter is receiving any additional support and we very much welcome you being part of the process.

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