General Attendance 

All Sixth Form students are expected to attend tutor time at 8.35am and be in school until 3pm. The only exception to this is when a student does not have a Period 5 lesson; then, they may choose to leave school at 1.30pm for home study period 5. 

Sixth form students are expected to attend all lessons, including Life Skills, Electives and Study Skills lessons

If a teacher is not in school, students are still expected to attend the lesson in the classroom and complete the work set on Google Classroom. The only exception to this is if a teacher gives written permission to work elsewhere. Miss Stefan must be made aware of this. 

Failure to adhere to these expectations will result in a sanction for truancy.


For planned absences, students need to complete a yellow form that can be found outside the Sixth Form office. When the form is complete, it needs to be taken to Mrs Trinder or Miss Stefan who will make a record of this. Parents are also able to report planned absences on Operoo.

For sickness or unplanned absences, parents must  complete a form on Operoo. A student cannot report their own sickness/absence. 

Illness During the School Day

If a student is feeling unwell during school time, they must go to the Medical office in Reception to see Mrs Butterfield. She will contact home to let parents know. Students should not be contacting parents directly. 

The notifying of parents is a safeguarding measure and these steps must be followed.

Use of Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets can be used for a late start or an early departure - as long as students are not missing any lessons for this.

For a late start, students must inform staff in the Sixth form Centre the day before. When students arrive in school, they must sign in with Mrs Trinder or Miss Stefan.

For an early departure, students must sign out with Mrs Trinder or Miss Stefan in the Sixth Form Centre when they wish to leave.

Signing In and Out of School

If students arrive or leave at any time outside of the normal school hours, they must sign in or out with Mrs Trinder or Miss Stefan in the Sixth Form Centre. This applies even when we are aware that a student has an appointment.

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