Tring School Trust

For many years, Tring School Trust has been providing additional resources for the students of the School.  We wish to continue with this vital extra support and, with your help, we can.  By joining the Trust and making regular donations you can be part of the Trust’s success story and directly help our students by providing the extras that make education fun and fulfilling.. 

How can you help?

Every donation helps, no matter how small. It adds up very quickly. For instance, with a class of 30 students this is what we could do:

  • £5 per child per month would raise £1,800
  • £10 per child per month would raise £3,600
  • £20 per child would raise £7,200

Multiply this across the school and we could generate enough funds to buy another minibus every year, upgrade computer suites and provide departments with valuable resources.

Giving couldn’t be simpler.  Just print the Standing Order Instruction Form at the bottom of this page, fill it in and send it to the school – we will do the rest.  A standing order is set up on your behalf.  This is entirely under your control so you are free to cancel at any time by telling your bank.  Every pound you give goes directly to help Tring School Students.

If you’re a tax payer, that helps too.

Remember with Gift Aid, for every £1 you donate, the Inland Revenue will give us another 25p. This money goes directly to the school for the benefit of the students. If you pay income tax, please complete the Gift Aid section on the form for both regular and one-off donations.

Shouldn’t the Government be funding this?

Perhaps you think they should, but they don’t. We are talking about extras. The Government funds the basic educational requirements. The trust aims to give the students of Tring School an edge by providing additional resources, be that computer software, microwave ovens, a kiln or anything else which the school feels will be of benefit.

Tring School Trust Fund

Over the past 10 years over £100,000 has been raised for Tring School. The Trust has recently supported the curriculum through the purchase of a 3D printer and an outdoor classroom plus funding to run the maths mastery programme.  This year there will be support towards the cost of a state of the art Sound/Light system for Desborough Hall, a Year 10 Life Skills programme as well as the usual support for exceptional items across the  curriculum.

Other purchases have included the creation of an outside dining area including paving, canopy and furniture, camcorders, a kiln, lighting tracks, a Clavinova, computers, embroidery machine, science equipment, musical instruments and many many more exceptional items.

Please see below the grand totals raised for the past few years:

  • 2019/20 - £36,000
  • 2018/19 - £34,000
  • 2017/18 - £30,000
  • 2016/17 - £30,000
  • 2015/16 - £30,000
  • 2014/15 - £27,000
  • 2013/14 - £25,000

Thank you to all of you who have already responded and helped to raise the above sums.

By giving as little as £10 each month, you can directly help to provide the extras that help Tring School in providing the best possible education for our students

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