World Challenge

World Challenge is the leading provider of life-changing school expeditions which are designed to develop important life skills, helping students to:

  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem
  • Become more globally aware

At Tring School, we offer a 2 week Adventure for Year 9 students and a 3 week Expedition for Year 11/12 students.
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The World Challenge ethos


Picture1Global citizenship is another important dimension to the programme. Part of the World Challenge ethos is to ensure that students experience cultures and environments very different to their home country.  This brings an appreciation of the challenges facing other cultures and hopefully awakens the desire to understand, explore and develop a global perspective on life.Img 1705


Taking ownership and responsibility for people and plans is at the centre of the World Challenge learning experience.  Participation and teamwork are essential factors behind any successful expedition.


World Challenge aims to support and facilitate the development of young people through life-changing experiences. We provide a safe environment for students of school age to explore the limits of their comfort zone, allowing them to grow in confidence and resourcefulness, both of which are key qualities to help build successful and fulfilling lives.

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WORLD CHALLENGE EXPEDITION for current Years 10 and 11 TO india - 2021

WORLD CHALLENGE ADVENTURE for Year 9 to Swaziland - 2020

In 2020 the Year 9 challengers will be exploring Swaziland, a small Kingdom in Southern Africa. This expedition will require challengers to take part in community-based projects based at Neighbourhood Care Points, contributing in ways such as digging foundations for new centres to improve localized care or installing water systems. There will also be opportunities to exchange culture with local children during designated times. The challengers will get to see the colourful markets, haggle for some maize meal and then learn how to turn it into 'Sudza', Swaziland's staple food to accompany their Braai (BBQ) dinner.

The challengers will complete one of three treks - the Ngwempisi Gorge trek, the Malolotja trek, or the Lubombo trail. All provide opportunities to walk alongside zebra and some will be lucky enough to see some of the big five game in Africa. There is also the opportunity to experience a 400m zipline over tree tops - an exhilarating experience!

Southern Africa is a brilliant place to go on expedition to. Once the challengers have completed their time there, they will see the world in a whole new light and will have developed skills and strengths of character they perhaps didn't know they had. Our school leaders are very much looking forward to working with their teams of challengers to make it a beneficial and life-changing experience for both the people of Swaziland as well as our students of Tring School.


In recent years, we have offered students trips to countries such as Laos, Zambia, Thailand, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua and India. The objective is to provide a character-building experience involving mental and physical challenges. Students taking part have completed extreme treks through mountains, up volcanoes, across plains or through jungles. They have also undertaken community projects including funding and building a rural sustainable shop in Zambia; rebuilding ancient dry-stone walls in an Andean National Park; working at orphanages in the foothills of the Himalayas; and building playgrounds or classrooms for underprivileged kindergartens or schools in places such as Chile, Borneo and Ghana. The project phases always give the students a great sense of achievement and altruism. A good proportion of the money the students raise goes towards these charitable projects and benefit the local communities they visit – so if you see our students in World Challenge T-shirts bag packing, ticket selling for a fundraising event, busking, car washing or boot cleaning, please stop to ask them about their trip and the good cause they’ll be supporting!


At Tring School, we now offer two types of World Challenge packages to our students, the 3 week Expeditions and the 2 week Adventure; both require the students to raise the money themselves by organising their own fundraising events, setting up creative enterprises and, if they can find them, securing part time jobs. Our resourceful students have done all sorts to ensure their place on a World Challenge. We’ve had entrepreneurial students arrange outdoor cinema events, host dinner parties for their parents’ friends, selling afternoon tea at open garden festivals, setting up stalls for their home-made cards, cakes, jams and candles… the list is endless.

Group fundraisers the school has helped to make possible include Concerts, Country and Western Night with ‘Dolly Parton’, a Tring Litter Pick, Quiz ‘n’ Curry Nights,  and a Gifts and Promises Auction. Students can also make money by having a stall at the termly Enterprise Markets that take place during a lunchtime.

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