World Challenge

World Challenge is the leading provider of life-changing school expeditions which are designed to develop important life skills.

World Challenge Ethos


Global citizenship is one of the key aims of the World Challenge programme. Challengers will experience cultures and environments literally a world away from their home country. This brings an appreciation of the challenges facing other communities and hopefully will awaken a desire to understand, explore, and develop a global perspective on life. It is a truly life-changing experience.


Challengers are expected to take ownership and responsibility for their team mates and the group’s plans, and this focus is at the centre of the World Challenge learning experience. Participation and teamwork are essential factors behind any successful expedition; it is up to the individuals working together within the team whether or not they will get to that bus stop on time or have a well put together meal that night!


World Challenge provides a safe yet challenging expedition through which its leaders support and facilitate the development of the young people in its care through tough but exhilarating experiences. They allow the exploration of comfort zones, promoting personal growth, independent thinking, and resourcefulness, all key qualities to help build successful and fulfilling lives.

Click here to see the slide show of the Year 9 Cambodia 2019 adventure.

At Tring School, we offer a 2 week Adventure for Year 9 students and a 3 week Expedition for Year 11 and 12 students. To learn more about World Challenge please Click Here.

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This year, we have students from Years 9, 10 and 11 preparing to travel to Vietnam in summer 2022. Some students transferred from previous years and some are completely new sign ups. Training walks have started on Fridays for these students and all information will be conveyed via the World Challenge google classroom. Sign-up for Year 11 and 12 students to an expedition to Ecuador in summer 2023 will open later this half term.  Follow our Twitter account @TringSchWorldC1 for updates.  Our Tring School Facebook page also posts regular updates.

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