Attendance Contact Details

If your child is unwell with symptoms which could be Covid-related, please ensure that they complete a lateral flow test before attending school. If the test is negative, but they remain symptomatic, you can request a PCR test to be certain. 

If your child has symptoms such as a headache or sore throat, but they have tested negative for Covid, please send them to school. Mild illness is not a valid enough reason to miss a full day's education. Our medical team can administer pain relief if required, and if it is felt that they need to be sent home, we will contact you. 

If your child has been sick or is genuinely unable to attend school, please contact the school Attendance Manager as early as possible on each individual day of your child’s absence.  

Similarly, if your child is absent due to injury, a risk assessment can be undertaken to support and enable their return to school. 

If a student is absent from registration and the school has not been notified, a text message will be sent to the primary contact mobile telephone number held on our system, notifying you of the absence and requesting you contact the School.  If the school is not contacted, the absence will not be authorised.


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