The Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Form Centre is for Sixth Form Students and has the benefit of group and individual work spaces. Students are expected to treat this area with respect. Music should only be played during break or lunchtime.

For the Sixth Form Centre to operate properly, everyone must assume responsibility for the way it is treated.

The Learning Resource Centre

There is a dedicated area within the Learning Resource Centre which is for the use of Sixth Form students.  The area is equipped with computers, books and journals,  specifically for the use of the Sixth Form students. This area is for silent study only. Quiet group work and discussion should take place in the Sixth Form Centre.

The Dining Hall

Sixth Form students can also use the Dining Hall during their study periods as a more relaxed space to complete group work with other students. It is an open area popular with Sixth Form students.

Tutor Time

These are used in a variety of ways; student leadership, information giving and more structured sessions. Much of the time will be spent by the students, on a one to one basis with their tutor, discussing their progress, any difficulties and planning for the future. Be open and frank with your tutor and discuss problems with them while they are still minor ones. In some tutorial sessions you may be involved in other activities such as supporting House activities, music practices etc, but it is your responsibility to let your tutor know that you are on the school premises. Please be on time.

Remember your tutor plays a key role in writing your reports and references; treat them respectfully and they will get to know you and be your first port of call for support.

Home Study

Home study is a privilege that we offer Sixth Form students and is in place to encourage independent study in preparation for life after Tring School. All students must be in school between 8:35am – 1:30pm each day. If students have no lessons on a particular day, they are not required to be in school that day. Home study can be taken during period 5 if students have no lessons then; meaning that students may leave school for the day at 1:30pm. If students arrive or leave at any time outside of the normal school hours, they must sign in or out with Mrs Trinder or Miss Stefan in the Sixth Form Centre. This applies even when we are aware that a student has an appointment.

This privilege will be withdrawn if students don't meet expectations.

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