Chaplaincy & Collective Worship

Our Chaplains are an asset to our school.  They are a clear expression of our Christian ethos, working with the whole school community, offering pastoral support to students and staff.

Our Chaplains, Rev Canon Jane Banister and Rev Michelle Grace, contribute to school life in many ways, including leading Collective Worship and hosting weekly lunchtime drop-in groups on Fridays at 12.30 & 1.30pm in E69 (week 1) or E66 (week 2).  Our Chaplains also deliver Life Skills lessons on dealing with grief and loss, and family breakdown, and are part of our ELD programme.  They lead prayers with staff on a weekly basis for those that wish to take part, and are an essential part of dealing with crises such as sudden bereavement.

The Chaplaincy is funded by the Tring Team Parish.

Weekly Collective Worship

Weekly Collective Worship happens on a Monday, and is recorded so that each form can watch it together and discuss any issues or ideas that might arise.  At least once a term, each House meets in person for a Collective Worship with Jane or Michelle.

Second Hand Uniform

Donations of unwanted school uniform in good condition can be left in St Peter & St Paul Church, High Street Tring in the box by the main doors (open between 9am and 4pm every day).  Second hand uniform sales are held in the Tring Parish Hall (HP23 5AE).  £5 per logo item; £2 for non logo items and ties.  Dates are shared on the School website home page announcements and our School Facebook page.  Please email or if you require anything urgently.

Upcoming dates:
  • Tuesday 19 March 7pm - 8pm
  • Sunday 7 April 1pm - 2pm
  • Tuesday 16 April 7pm - 8pm
  • Sunday 5 May 1pm - 2pm


Lunchtime in the QuadImg 0050Img 0016Img 1140

Mrs Watkins working with students on the fabric wall hanging of The Cross made by recycling and repurposing old school uniform - the finished hanging is on display in reception. 

Lunchtime in the Quad

Reverend Canon Jane chatting with students and encouraging them to think about what they could give up for Lent.

Extended Learning Day

Reverend Michelle helping students to create a new fabric wall hanging of A Dove of Peace made using old school uniform from Tring School and Grove Road Junior School. 

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