Expectations for Sixth Form

Students make a conscious decision to stay on in Sixth Form, or to join us in Year 12, and it is important that they are aware of the increased expectations placed upon them.  It is our aim that we are not only equipping students with excellent exam results but also skills for the rest of their lives.  

After GCSEs, students can often struggle with the transition to the next level of study. We would therefore like to be clear on the expectations. Therefore, you are asked to sign below to confirm your commitment to meeting these expectations for the duration of your study in Tring School Sixth Form:

1.  Have a good attendance record and be well prepared for school

100% attendance is our expectation of all students. Attendance under 90% is unacceptable. Students with poor attendance / punctuality will be sanctioned accordingly and may even be asked to pay for their exams in subjects where attendance levels are very low. Students are expected to come to all lessons with homework / preparation work complete to the required standard. If work is incomplete, students may be asked to leave the lesson to complete it.

2.  Be a responsible and proactive student

Students are to take responsibility for their own learning and be proactive in seeking help where it is needed. This includes seeing teachers outside of lessons if they are struggling with work, organising 1:1s as necessary, and managing the demands of Sixth Form study. Students are expected to attend any intervention sessions offered.

3.  Adhere to the Dress Code

Students are to adhere to the Sixth Form Dress Code, including wearing their Sixth Form ID badge. The Dress Code can be found on our website. Failure to dress appropriately will result in students being sent home.

4. Use Mobile Phones Appropriately

Mobile phones and headphones are not permitted anywhere around school, other than in the Sixth Form Centre. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones within lessons unless instructed by the teacher. If a student uses their mobile phone when not permitted, it will be confiscated.

5. Use ICT Appropriately

Students are required to use the school’s IT systems appropriately, check emails daily and have their own (fully charged) Chromebook or laptop in school at all times. Emails are sent to students on a daily basis and therefore students must be responsible for ensuring they have read and understood the information conveyed.

6. Behave in a Mature and Respectful Way

Students are to behave in a mature fashion and to be respectful to others, ensuring they are not being a disruptive influence. This includes during lessons and study periods - both when in school and off-site during the school day.

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