Awards & Celebrations

Commendation Book

Students are invited to the Headteacher's office to sign the Commendation Book to celebrate achievement both in and out of school. 

Untitled presentation 2Postcards Home

Praise postcards are sent by teachers to celebrate students hard work, overcoming an issue, or for doing something exceptional. 

House postcards are sent by Heads of House for excellent trackers or for just being awesome. 

Teachers and departments have their own postcards and are sent in recognition of excellent work or participation during lesson time.

Tring School are huge supporters of acknowledging students for their hard work, active citizenship, or acts of showing determination and kindness. 

End of Term Rewards

At the end of each term we celebrate success in each House in celebration assemblies. These include:

  • zero behaviour points
  • 95%+ attendance
  • most improved attendance
  • top 20 overall points in each Year
  • top tutor achievement
  • tutor superstar
  • student shout outs for amazing work and events both in and out of school

Pride of Tring School End of Year Awards

Over 250 students will have been selected across all years for attainment or effort in a subject. There are also Special Awards that recognise achievement in a number of specialist areas together with a Heads of House Award for the student who has made an outstanding contribution. Parents are invited to see their child collect an award.

Celebration Breakfasts

Our breakfast celebrations take place three times during the academic year.  Approximately 60 students are invited from each year group for their progress against their targets, attainment, top number of achievement points for their house and commitment to the wider life of the school.  Breakfast is enjoyed by all invited and the breakfast is attended by many staff including representatives of the school Leadership Team.  A congratulatory letter is also sent home following attendance at these breakfasts. 

Year 13 Achievement Wall20200521 153141

The Achievement Wall was the idea of Head Boy Max Baiden in 2011, to recognise Year 13 students for their work within the school and wider community. Over the years more and more plaques accrue, which creates a lasting reminder of students who have made a positive contribution to our Sixth Form. This has, no doubt, inspired many students since its inception and will continue to do so in the future.

Sixth Form Alumni Event

Students from the previous year are invited back in December to engage with an alumni event. This is an opportunity for them to talk to our current year 12 students about their post 18 choices and discuss where these choices have led them. After the event, we have coffee and pastries with the students' former teachers and students can collect their A level certificates. 

Art & Photography SHOWImg 0010

GCSE and A Level exam pieces are on display for the examiners, then the Art Department opens their doors for the general public to come and see the fantastic work the students have prepared for their exams.

Sports Awards Evening

This is an opportunity to celebrate the sporting successes of the year and to thank the students for their hard work and commitment. Students from Years 7-10 and their parents are invited to the evening to receive awards and trophies and to listen to a guest speaker.

End of Year Assembly

The one time in the school year when all our students gather together in the Desborough Hall for a review and celebrate the year. Staff and student achievements and service are recognised and farewells said to colleagues moving on.

Collective Worship

House Collective Worships are held weekly and at the end of each term, there is a House Celebration devoted to recognising the achievements of hundreds of students throughout the term.

October 2023 ZSL Awards (2019 - 2022)Image 6483441

We are so proud to share news about one of our ex-students.  Amy Tunstall won the ZSL Zoological Society of London Prince Philip and Marsh Prize awarded for the best A Level or higher project submitted by a school in the UK. Amy received the award for her project 'The effect of partial reinforcement on reaction times towards a stimulus following extinction relating to an operant behaviour in Mesocricetus Auratus'. 

  • Amy was one of the youngest people to receive an award at the event. 
  • Professor Dame Linda Partridge FRS FRSE FMedSci a committee member of SAGE gave a keynote speech. 
  • Professor Susan Healy ZSL awards committee and her husband sought Amy out as they know Tring and said it was lovely to see an award go to a pupil of the school. 
  • Professor Jane Hurst who won the Frink award 2022 also paid a keen interest in Amy's project and we discovered that she is currently one of Amy's lecturers. 
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