Tring School Charter

Our Charter comes from Tring’s history and it ties in with the School Values in creating Confident Learners, Ambitious Individuals and Responsible Citizens underpinned with our Christian Values of Wisdom, Hope, Community.

The Tring School Charter is a set of minimum expectations that each student must fulfil throughout the year to maximise their development. The expectations are built into the curriculum they are taught and factors both inside/outside of school.

It is a time for students to reflect on how their year going and where they can improve. and provides opportunities that challenge students and help develop important Character traits.

Click here for our Tring School Charter

Achievement Suggestions

  • Apply one of the Character skills
  • Achieve an excellent assessment result
  • Improve on your previous assessment result
  • Ensure you have excellent attendance
  • Attend or request extra support from your teacher
  • Complete a detailed piece of homework
  • Act on feedback given by your teacher to improve your work
  • Participate in a group task
  • Present confidently in front of your class
  • Contribute in class discussions
  • Read extra books/articles, listened to podcasts or watch documentaries related to your subject
  • Go out of your comfort zone and approach a task in a new way
  • Lead an activity

Volunteering Suggestions

  • Run an Enterprise stall at an enterprise market
  • Involve yourself in a youth club
  • Collect litter
  • Look after someone less fortunate than you
  • Offer to help rather than waiting to be asked
  • Help in a local school or hospital
  • Help at annual local Tring events
  • Support a local charity or organisation
  • Support younger students with their learning

Clubs Suggestions

  • Join a music club (singing, playing an instrument or both!)
  • Join a sports club (seasonal)
  • Participate in an arts club
  • Join a Science club
  • Get involved in a social club (Choc n’ Chat, CU)
  • Get involved in the pottery club
  • Get creative at a drama club
  • Participate in extra-curricular clubs outside of school (Scouts, Youth club, Young Farmers Club, Pony Club)
  • Get creative at the origami, craft or reading club

House Suggestions

  • Get involved in one of the many house competitions
  • Help the teachers organising the competition
  • Help your Head of House with a task
  • Mentor a younger student within your form
  • Coach or train a team
  • Support your house’s chosen charity
  • Wear your house colour during competitions
  • Support your tutor by participating in tutor time activities

Wellbeing Suggestions

  • Participate in Wellbeing Monday tutor time activities
  • Help others selflessly
  • Complete a random act of kindness for someone
  • Track your weekly/monthly wellbeing activities
  • Work on your own personal resilience
  • Actively learn about new faiths, cultures and experiences
  • Support your friends and family in being well (healthy eating, exercise)
  • Look after yourself by eating well, sleeping at least 8 hours and drinking plenty of water
  • Apply any of the themes covered in the Wellbeing Monday tutor sessions
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