Our students have all experienced a significant time away from the classroom. Therefore, we ask parents to consider absences carefully; mild illness is not a valid enough reason to miss a full day's education. If your child has a headache, cold symptoms, is tired or feels anxious, please send them in.

Our medical team can administer pain relief if required, and our pastoral team is always available to speak too; if it is felt that your child would benefit from going home, we will contact you.

Similarly, if your child is absent due to injury, a risk assessment can be undertaken to support and enable their return to school. They are also able to work remotely in one of our quiet spaces if they are unable to move between classrooms. 

For support with emotionally based school avoidance please see the linked guide on parental support produced by Hertfordshire CC

To report an absence, illness or planned appointment

Please complete the relevant (Absence Today or Future Absence) form in the Operoo Form Library as soon as possible on each day of absence.  An Operoo Form must be completed for each sick day unless in the case of something like an operation where a medical letter has been provided.

Please click here for a copy of the letter sent home on 21 January 2022.


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