Chromebook Support

We provide an on-site service for the Chromebooks purchased through the school. This service will continue for three years after students receive their Chromebooks.

If the Chromebook is still under warranty we will arrange repairs/replacement as necessary.  As part of this service we will not charge for any labour costs. 

For three years from the date of allocation we will diagnose problems and carry out necessary repairs as long as the Chromebook is fixable.  After the three year maintenance/repairs scheme has expired Tring School will be able to offer repairs at cost price of parts plus labour.

Chromebook Parts

Cost of repairs for damage not covered under warranty can be found on these tables (parts are charged at cost).   

Prices do not include delivery.

Forward payment via ParentPay under the tab “Chromebook repair”    

  • ASUS C201 - Replacement Screen £38.50
  • ASUS C202 - LCD Screen £45.00
  • ASUS C204 - LCD Screen £45.00 | Charger £24.80
  • ASUS C213NA - LCD Screen £96.00 | Charger £24.80
  • ASUS C214 - LCD Screen £96.00 | Charger £24.80
  • ACER SPIN 512 - LCD Screen £132.00 | Charger £17.00

Buyback Scheme

Please click here for details of our Buyback Scheme

Connect your Printer

Please click here for help on connecting Chromebook to your printer.

Tring School Chromebooks

Tring School Chromebooks
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