Chromebook Support

We are providing an on-site service for the Chromebooks purchased through the school. This service will continue for three years after students receive their Chromebooks.

If the Chromebook is still under warranty we will arrange repairs/replacement as necessary. As part of this service we will not charge for any labour costs. 

For three years from the date of allocation we will diagnose problems and carry out necessary repairs as long as the Chromebook is fixable.  After the three year maintenance/repairs scheme has expired Tring School will be able to offer repairs at cost price of parts plus labour.

A full list of the cost of repairs for damage not covered under warranty can be found in the table below (parts are charged at cost).

Part Price
Screen LCD £57.60 Screen LCD £108.00 Screen LCD £52.00
Adapter/Charger £14.50 Adapter/Charger £27.96 Adapter/Charger £20.15
Keyboard £20.40 Keyboard £24.98 Keyboard £24.00
Battery £32.40 Battery £41.64 Battery £47.40
LCD Bezel £8.40 LCD Bezel £7.48 LCD Bezel £3.50
LCD Cover £18.00 LCD Cover £41.64 LCD Cover £13.90
Hinges (each) £6.00     Hinge £3.60
Hinge Cover £2.40 Hinge Cover £16.64 Hinge Cover £1.40
Touch Pad £10.80 Touch Pad £7.48 Touch Pad £12.00

Replacement screens for model ASUS C201 are available - £38.50

Buyback Scheme

We have decided to offer a buyback scheme that will allow students to purchase a second device at our special educational price providing that the first one is older than two years or is no longer in good working order and has been paid for in full. Please note that the devices will need to be assessed by our IT team to confirm conditions before an offer is finalised. A buyback allowance may be offered dependant on the condition of the original device which will be offset against the cost of a second device. The balance will need to be paid in full before delivery to the student; The licence, worth £19, can be transferred from one device to the other.

Please see below for a guide on our buyback prices:


1. Working and in good condition - Normal wear and tear

Chromebook powers on and displays information on the screen. The Chromebook’s physical condition can be described as good for a used item. The case, keyboard, hinges and other parts (excluding the screen) may show signs of wear and tear but have no cracks, missing parts or more significant damage. The screen is in good condition with no cracks or scratches, has no dead pixels or areas where the image is not displayed properly.







 2. Working and in mediocre condition - damaged

Chromebook powers on and displays information on the screen. The Chromebook has one non-essential which is either faulty or damage i.e a crack to the case, hinge or other part (other than the screen), missing keys, faulty trackpad, missing/broken charger.







3. Non working/Screen fault/Heavy damage

Any Chromebook with multiple point of damage, broken screen, water damage. Please note that the buy back offer will depend on the extent of the damage. The price will be determined by the cost of the part that we can use from the Chromebook and its condition.



Please note that only one device can be purchased via the Pupil Premium subsidy and that the buyback scheme does not apply to any device bought under this subsidy.

We take data security very seriously and will make sure that the Chromebook is completely wiped as soon as we accept it. Please note that the school reserves the right not to buyback your Chromebook and it has the sole responsibility for the monetary offer.

Tring School Chromebooks

Tring School Chromebooks
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