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Every student studies Core Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

Core Mathematics: This component makes up the majority of an A Level in Mathematics. It covers the study of algebra, number and trigonometry and makes up two-thirds of the work each year.

Mechanics: In this course mathematics is used to describe and explain real-world situations. It includes the action of forces on physical structures and moving bodies. Very useful for future Physicists, Engineers, Architects and others, it complements some of the topics covered in A-Level Physics.

Statistics: This is concerned with data handling and is applicable to a wider range of subjects. The presentation, collection and interpretation of data are studied, together with further applications of the ideas of probability to predict and explain results.

Please look at this link for details of the Mathematics course on the UCAS website

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 in GCSE Maths and 60%+ on the entrance test.

Future opportunities

A level Mathematics is of benefit to those intending to embark on a scientific or engineering career and provides support to those students wishing to study business, accounting, architecture or humanities. Maths has wide applications in industry, business, finance, science and technology. Maths qualifications can help you towards a future career in these areas. It is also a useful support for many University courses, which increasingly can involve statistics modules.


There is no coursework - all assessment is by written examination at the end of the two year course.

Additional Costs

All students following Mathematics courses will be required to have a graphical calculator (cost approximately £90 - can be ordered through school).


Students in our highest groups are entered into the United Kingdom Maths Trust (UKMT) Maths Challenge, which is a fantastic opportunity for students to practise their problem solving skills.  We have recently had students perform far beyond the national average in these challenges, and these students have qualified for the prestigious further rounds of the competition.

We run a very popular board game club on Friday lunch times, where students can play a range of board and logic games with other students.

At A Level we share with students a range of opportunities for university visits and taster courses for Maths based subjects.

Mathematics Department

Subject Leader Mr G Woodwards
Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator Mrs R Hobson
Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator Mr E Otoo
  Mr E Ano
  Mrs D Antoine
  Mr T Fox 
  Mrs D Lea
  Mrs J Mitchell
  Mrs C Rance
  Miss A Saunders
  Mr L Tagliani
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