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Mathematics Level 3 Certificate

The Level 3 Certificate in Mathematical Studies course and exam have a practical basis, focusing on real world situations, such as personal finance (student loans, credit cards, tax, budgeting), critical analysis of media statistics and headlines, justification of calculations, useful estimation.

It is for those who wish to continue Mathematics beyond GCSE but for various reasons are not taking A Level Mathematics. It supports a wide variety of subjects and is highly valued by University Admissions.

Exam Board: AQA  Please look at this link for Mathematics Level 3 Certificate on the AQA website

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 at GCSE Maths.

Future Opportunities

At University, there is a high drop-out rate within the Humanities subjects (e.g. Geography, Psychology) among students who struggle with the mathematical content.  A qualification in Maths beyond GCSE demonstrates to Universities and employers that your Maths skills are still strong and that you can handle the mathematical content of your course.

"Core maths is a great subject to choose as it allows you to apply your knowledge to practical situations and to understand more about maths in the real world, particularly when studying the applied side of maths. However it also encourages you to develop your imagination through thinking up ways to solve problems. Core maths opens up a wide range of opportunities after sixth form, such as science, business and finance. Many jobs and university courses value maths, as it can be used in many different situations and occupations."  Hannah - Year 12


All students following the course will be required to have a scientific calculator; we strongly recommend a slightly more advanced model than that which was required for GCSE, such as the Casio FX-991EX (cost approximately £20).

There is no coursework - all assessment is by written examination at the end of the two year course.

Please look at this link for our Mathematics Recommended Reading List.

Mathematics Department

Subject Leader Miss L Reading
Key Stage 3 Coordinator Mr L Tagliani
Key Stage 4 Coordinator Mr N Allum
Key Stage 5 Coordinator Mr J Islam
  Mrs J Bellamy
  Mrs V Hayes
  Miss H Hussain
  Mrs M Osborne
  Mrs J Mitchell
  Mrs C Rance
  Mrs L Taylor
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