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Further Mathematics

All students study Further Pure Mathematics topics such as imaginary numbers, use of matrices, polar coordinates and differential equations extending their knowledge from the A Level Mathematics content. There is no doubt that Further Maths is more challenging than Maths A Level.

Other subjects that may be studied are a continuation of Mechanics and Statistics from the A Level Mathematics course or Decision Maths. This means that students have an increased breadth of experience of Pure and Applied Maths compared to those students taking just Maths.

Further Maths is a completely separate qualification but is reliant on the thorough understanding of A Level Maths.

Exam Board: Edexcel Please look at this link for Further Mathematics on the Edexcel website

Entry Requirements

Grade 8 in GCSE Maths.

Future opportunities

Further Mathematics A Level is a prestigious qualification and is very valuable for students considering a mathematics or related degree, such as engineering or architecture. Career prospects in science and engineering or Computer Science  would be greatly enhanced by a qualification in Further Mathematics. Further Mathematics is particularly sought after in applicants for related subjects to Oxbridge.


50% of the course is prescribed Pure content, including Complex Numbers, Matrices, Series and Differential equations. The remaining 50% comes from two modules selected from Further Pure, Further Mechanics, Further Statistics and Decision Mathematics, which are chosen by the school depending on the cohort. Four exam papers are sat at the end of the course. 

There is no doubt that A Level Further Maths is more challenging than A Level Maths.

Please look at this link for the Edexcel Further Mathematics specification. 

All students following Mathematics courses will be required to have a graphical calculator (cost approximately £70 - can be ordered through school).

There is no coursework - all assessment is by written examination at the end of the two year course.

Recommended Reading

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Mathematics Department

Subject Leader Miss L Reading
Key Stage 3 Coordinator Mr L Tagliani
Key Stage 4 Coordinator Mr N Allum
Key Stage 5 Coordinator Mr J Islam
  Mrs J Bellamy
  Mrs V Hayes
  Miss H Hussain
  Mrs M Osborne
  Mrs J Mitchell
  Mrs C Rance
  Mrs L Taylor
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