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Sociology is the study of the world around you. If you have ever wondered why society works the way it does, then Sociology is the subject for you.  

As one of the leading academic disciplines within the world of Social Sciences, the A Level will open your mind to how society works, the inequalities that exist, the political and economic influences on our lives, and how our culture and identities are now ‘global’. It draws on aspects of social history, politics and current affairs, economics, human geography, media, philosophy and social policy, making it a wonderfully varied, exciting, and very interesting subject.

Sociology is a very popular subject at Tring School, both at A Level, and at GCSE and students are enthusiastic about their learning. Lessons will require you to discuss your views and ideas, and to think critically about things you may previously have taken for granted. You will have the opportunity to develop both your research and presentation skills, which will help you in many future careers.

Sociology combines well with a range of other subjects, including Psychology, Criminology, Politics, Economics, History and Geography. It is also a subject that links to a wide range of careers, including those in Teaching, Social Work, Journalism, The Police, Criminal Justice, Law, Business, Marketing and Human Resources. As part of the Social Sciences department, students regularly combine Sociology with the other social science subjects.

Sociology is based on current social and political events, and as such, is always changing. We therefore offer students the opportunity to attend an annual sociology student conference in London, where they can hear guest speakers and leading academics discuss new research and social changes. We also give Year 13 students the opportunity to visit The Old Bailey courts to support the Crime and Deviance unit.

Please click on this link to access our A Level Sociology website

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English. If Sociology was taken at GCSE, a Grade 5 will be required.

Future Opportunities

In studying Sociology you will develop skills which will be vitally important in your future career. The transferable skills of critical thinking, researching, debating, communicating (both written and oral), data analysis and ultimately a much greater understanding of the world you live in.

These are some of the jobs that Sociology graduates have gone into in recent years:

  • Advertising
  • Community Care Support Worker
  • Charity Fundraiser
  • Marketing Researcher
  • Personnel Manager and HR
  • Criminology - Police Force and Probation
  • Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Social work

Course Content & Assessment

Course Content

Students will study the AQA course, which consists of three units across the two year course.

  • Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods
  • Paper 2: Topics in Sociology: Family & Households and Beliefs in Society
  • Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory & Methods

Further information about these topics is available on our Sociology website

Please look at this link for Sociology (7191, 7192) on the AQA website.


100% Written Examination

Able & Ambitious and Wider Reading


We believe that every student has the potential to achieve well in Sociology. We therefore encourage all of our students to read around the subject area, and complete our Super Curriculum suggestions, in order to develop a wider understanding of the issues covered.

Please click here to access our Super Curriculum

Course Reading

We recommend that students purchase the two recommended course textbooks, as they will need to be able to work from these outside of lessons.

AQA A Level Sociology - Book 1,  by Webb, Westergaard and Trobe. (Napier Press)
AQA A Level Sociology - Book 2,  by Webb, Westergaard and Trobe. (Napier Press)

Enrichment & Extra Curricular

Each year we offer students the opportunity to extend their subject learning and to enthuse and inspire the students in the broader significance of this subject.

The Year 12 students have an annual trip to London for the fascinating 'Sociology in Action' conference. In Year 13, we offer the students the opportunity to visit 'The Old Bailey' crown court in London, to support the Crime and Deviance unit.   

Sociology Team

Subject Leader Miss A Esland
  Miss Mollie Burns
  Miss Holly Flannery
  Mrs L Toovey


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