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Philosophy, Theology & Ethics

Philosophy, Theology and Ethics is a subject that by its nature requires candidates to consider individual, moral, ethical, social, cultural and contemporary issues. All modules taught provide opportunities to:

  • Develop your interest in a rigorous study of religion and belief and relate it to the wider world.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding appropriate to a specialist study of religion.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of religious thought and its contribution to individuals, communities and societies.
  • Adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion.
  • Reflect on and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of your study.

Exam Board: EDUQAS

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE PRS and English Language or Literature.

Future opportunities

This is a traditional essay based subject which is valued by universities because it develops skills such as:

  • The ability to understand logical arguments
  • To express and defend your opinions and to apply theories to a range of situations

These skills are helpful in any degree course at university and are especially relevant to Humanities subjects and Law.

Course Content & Assessment

Course Content

At A Level three modules will be studied:

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Theology

The Philosophy units include arguments for the existence of God such as the cosmological and ontological arguments, as well as challenges to religious belief such as the problem of evil.

The Ethics units include discussion about what we mean by right and wrong and medical ethical debate on topics such as abortion and euthanasia.This will include ethical theory and its application to ethical issues.

The Theology units look at how scripture is used in a contemporary society and issues of different narratives in the Bible. This includes religious concepts such as the nature of God and religious identity.


Assessment is based on knowledge of the topic as well as skills in evaluation and reasoning.

100% examination in three papers:

  • Paper 1 – Christianity
  • Paper 2 – Philosophy of Religion
  • Paper 3 – Religion and Ethics


At Key Stage 5 we organise our own bespoke Masterclass conference with Dr Greg Barker. Students find this incredibly useful as well as thought provoking. Hosting Dr Barker at our school enables students to ask a greater number of questions, and allows us to tailor the session to their needs. This year we are excited to be taking our students to see the new musical The Prince of Egypt at the Dominion Theatre, London. We are also hoping to run a trip to Rome in February 2021.

Philosophy, Theology & Ethics Department

Subject Leader Mrs A Sharp
  Miss S Tullett
  Mr N George
  Mr W Townsend
  Mrs E Upton
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