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In this ever changing world you are bombarded with information 24/7 from a vast range of sources. Never before has it been so important for you to be able to make intelligent judgements about just what it is you are being told - to sort the facts from the fiction, the prejudice from the lies. Having the confidence to think, consider and reach your own informed judgements about what you are being told are the vital skills, regardless of content, that we promote in A Level History.

Exam Board:  AQA  Please look at this link for History (7041, 7042) on the AQA website

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE History and Grade 5 in GCSE English.

Studying history at A Level opens a range of career and further education opportunities. You will learn numerous transferable skills that are relevant to many types of employment such as the ability to research for the relevant information and to analyse it in order to identify facts and motives and to present information clearly for others to understand.

These skills provide an excellent foundation for a number of careers, either directly related to history e.g. working in museums, teaching or in areas such as: Journalism Advertising Broadcasting Law Teaching Police Public Relations Management Media Research Marketing. History graduates have a great success rate in rising to senior positions in British management.

Reading Lists

Please look at this link for our History Recommended Reading List.

20190129 143314Enrichment & Extra-Curricular

Within our A Level course we plan visits to the following:

  • The National Archives
  • Auschwitz
  • Hampton Court
  • Tower of London

Course Content & Assessment

Course Content

Students study 3 components over 2 years.

  • Component 1: Breadth Study - The Tudors 1485 to 1603
  • Component 2: Depth Study - The Cold War 1945 to 1991
  • Component 3: Historical Investigation - 3000 word personal study


Components 1 and 2:

  • Written exam: 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Each component 40% (80% of final A Level)

Component 3:

  • 4,000 - 4,500 word essay
  • 20% of final A Level

History Department

Subject Leader Mrs P du Bois
Assistant Subject Leader KS5 Mrs F Manser
Assistant Subject Leader KS3 Miss E Duggan
  Miss E Bandy
  Miss J Mackay
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