Importance of Reading

“Reading is the gateway to learning.  It is the key to pupils’ future academic achievement and well-being.  Pupils who struggle to read words accurately quickly fall behind their peers. They read less and do not accumulate the necessary background knowledge and vocabulary from reading. 

To fulfil the demands of the secondary school curriculum, pupils need to be able to read age-appropriate texts fluently.  Pupils who cannot read well are not able to access the curriculum and are disadvantaged for life.”

“Comprehension suffers when pupils cannot read words accurately and fluently.  Pupils who are struggling to read the words on a page find that their working memory is overloaded.  They can’t make sense of what they read, can’t recall previous content, and so fall behind in any subject that requires reading.”

Blog posted on Gov.UK by: Gill Jones, Deputy Director, Schools and Early Education 28 April 2022

The books below are available in our LRC

Reading Strategies

  • Ensure your child reads for at least 20 minutes per day
  • Listen to your child read aloud
  • Reading Buddies - Students read aloud to their sixth form Buddy three times a week before school in the LRC
  • Literacy Classes develop students’ reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary 
  • Year 7 Reading Hour 
  • Homework Club - Weds 3pm - 4pm

Suggested Reading

Wider Reading for subject knowledge

Non-fiction - newspapers, magazines, recipes etc.

Wider reading lists detail books you can read to build on your subject knowledge.  The majority of these books are available in our Learning Resource Centre.


Reading for Pleasure

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