Parents/Carers Useful Resources

As a parent or carer, you provide an important element of stability at a time of change for your children. The emotional backup and support you offer can really help them in their transition to university life.

However the selection and application process can seem complicated, especially if you have not been to university yourself. If you have, that may have been some time ago and things have probably changed. There’s plenty of great information online for students, but not as much designed specifically for parents, so it can be quite complicated to track down the exact information you need. 

As a starting point, the UCAS site has got lots of resources and information dedicated to helping parents and carers support students applying to University and you are encouraged to sign up to the UCAS Parent monthly newsletter

This Parents Guide to Higher Education also provides an excellent overview of the UCAS process and the key timelines.

Parents/Carers who have specific questions related to the UCAS process can also contact Mrs Beck who will be happy to assist. (

Further Resources

Resources for parents / carers

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