Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary & Dentistry

Students looking to apply to these courses need to start researching and preparing for their applications in the summer term in order to ensure they put in a competitive application. 

The deadline to apply to any course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry is 15 October, which is significantly earlier than the 15 January deadline for most other courses.

Students applying to these courses will receive full support from the school.  Please watch this presentation if you would like further information about applying to Oxbridge/Medicine/Veterinary/Dentistry courses.

We are also pleased to be able to share with you some useful insights, hints and tips about the Oxbridge/Medicine application process from some of our ex students:

English Language & Literature

University of Oxford

Natural Sciences

University of Cambridge


University of Sheffield


Other Useful Resources

Oxbridge Resources

Medicine, Veterinary & Dentistry Resources

  • Medic Mentor: Medical awards body for students. They run  a virtual MedSoc and a live work experience programme, and it’s all free. Highly recommended for aspiring Medics. Students should contact Mrs Beck for a school code to attend the healthcare weekends free of charge.
  • The Medic Portal: Another useful site for those thinking about careers in medicine. Please email Mrs Beck for a code to access their MedSoc programme, giving students access to 15 online modules that support the medical application.
  • The Royal Society of Medicine: A useful site for those thinking about careers in medicine.
  • Education Projects: Help with placements, applications and interviews for those interested in medicine, veterinary, engineering, Law and Finance (a commercial organisation but worth looking at).
  • Online work experience guide: Lots of links to free virtual work experience programmes for aspiring medics
  • Medify: lots of questions and practice tools to give you the best possible support in beating the UCAT/BMAT.
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