How to choose subjects

Do you have a specific career in mind that dictates the subjects you must pick?

If you have a particular university course in mind it may be worth using the UCAS website to check course entry requirements.

The Russell Group of Universities have published a guide to helping you choose Post-16 courses called Informed Choices.

  • What subjects do you enjoy? You will be spending 8 hours a fortnight in lessons and a further 4-6 hours per week completing work outside of lessons (per subject). Therefore, it is essential you enjoy each subject.
  • What subjects are you good at? Please check each subject’s specific entry criteria; it is essential that you meet this.
  • Talk to your subject teachers and discuss suitability.
  • Understand what is involved in the study of the subjects in terms of the topics to be covered, amount of coursework to be completed, meeting deadlines etc.
  • Ensure you are staying (or joining) Tring School because you want to and not just because your friends are.

BTECs & Facilitating Subjects


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