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Government & Politics

Politics shapes our lives, what we can do, the type of society we live in, the chances we have to succeed. This course is for people who want to understand more about how politics and government actually work.

You will learn about the grand ideas and vibrant movements that are transforming the world around us, and also see how seemingly arcane customs and obscure committees hold enormous power.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE History, English Language or Literature.

Future Opportunities

These are some of the jobs that Politics graduates have gone into in recent years:

  • Members of Parliament
  • Law
  • Bank and Financial Services in the City of London and elsewhere
  • Journalism
  • Political research
  • Lobbying

Subject Leader: Mrs E Upton

Course Content & Assessment

Course Content

In Year 12 we start by looking at what power is, how democracy operates, the importance of elections, and the different stances between a number of differing political parties and wider ideologies. We will look at both UK and US examples, and we will analyse the differences between the two nations.

In Year 13 we learn how laws are made, and about the ever changing influence of political parties, in both the USA and UK, the European Union and devolved government. We will also see some of the ways ordinary people interact with the government and the power they can wield.

In Year 13, we extend our understanding further, and look in more detail at key political thinkers and the impact their political philosophy has had on current political leaders.


Three written examinations at the end of the two year course.

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