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Philosophy & Religious Studies

In Philosophy and Religious studies we explore and discuss beliefs, our own personal journeys and the big ideas about the world. The subject offers a fascinating insight into a range of both ethical and philosophical issues, as well as different beliefs and practices. Our students have the opportunity to discuss, explore and value different opinions and views in a safe and respectful environment.

PRS is a core subject studied by all Key Stage 3 and 4 students, as well as an option at A Level. We were delighted to have been awarded the Gold RE Quality mark for a second time in 2019. We are a team of four subject specialists, with a wealth of experience between us.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students are developing an understanding of philosophical, theological and ethical issues. We explore the contributions of a wide range of scholars and critically assess these.

At Key Stage Three we are looking to develop analytical and critical thinkers, who are able to confidently put forward and support an argument, both in the written word and verbally.

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7

Ultimate Philosophical Questions

The Big Story

The Big Story


An introduction to Islam
Year 8

Values and Ethics

Evil and Suffering

Evil and Suffering

Non-religious worldviews

Applied Ethics

Beliefs in action

Year 9

Social Issues

Old Testament Foundations

Crime and Punishment

Christian Beliefs

Religion and Science

Islam Beliefs


Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, Philosophy and Religious Studies is a core subject, with all students following the AQA GCSE Specification A. 

The course encourages students to develop their evaluative and analytical skills essential for success in higher education. Lessons provide regular opportunities for students to discuss and debate their viewpoints and the views of others, and develop an awareness and understanding of moral and spiritual beliefs.

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 10

Peace and Conflict

Islam Beliefs

Christian Beliefs

Life Issues

Christian Practices
Year 11 Islam Practices Relationships Revision and  External exams



Neasden Mandir

St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Tring

Year 7 ‘Beyond Belief’ Extended Learning Day event

Spirited Arts - NATRE national competition


London Central Mosque

GCSE revision conference


Philosophy & Religious Studies Department

Subject Leader Mrs A Sharp
Assistant Subject Leader for KS3 Miss S Tullett
  Miss E Bandy
  Mr T Gielen
  Miss M van der Merwe
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