Good attendance to school is important because it can directly effect your child’s outcomes at GSCE. Attendance at 95% means that your child has had on average half a day off a week, totalling 10 days per year or 2 school weeks. 

Attendance below 95% is called ‘Persistent Absenteeism’and the school has legal proceedures to follow for students with attendance at this level or below.  Persistant absenteesim will have a huge impact on progress and overall developement.  Many of our students have an excellent attendance and punctuality record.  Our school attendance target this year is 96%

What time should my child be in school?

All students are expected through the school gate by 8.35am.  We are a very large school and it can take a few minutes to get from one side to another, so this ensures that all students are in Tutor Time by 8.40am.  If students arrive at the school gates after 8.35am they will receive a lunchtime detention for being late.  Some students get a public bus to school, but it is expected that they should get earlier transport to ensure they arrive on time.

What if my child is unwell?

If your child has a cough or cold please send them into school.  If we feel they need to be sent home, we will contact you.  If your child has been sick or is genuinely unable to attend school please contact school attendance office as early as possible each day of your child’s absence.   A letter confirming their absence is then not required.  If a student is absent from registration and the school has not been notified by a parent, a text message will be sent to the primary contact mobile telephone number held on our system, notifying you of the absence and requesting you contact the School.  Please contact the school as soon as possible to avoid continual messages being sent.

NHS Sickness and Absence Information

Attendance office numbers at a glance

Absence Text Number 07860 095374
Absence Phone Number 01442 821052
Absence email address


What happens if my child’s absence goes below 95%?

Attendance below 95% is considered ‘ Persistent Absenteeism’.  We know some children have medical conditions which at times can affect their ability to attend school, however for the majority they should be in school full time.  Our Attendance Improvement Officer monitors our attendance carefully and looks at individual cases in meetings with our Attendance Manager and Head of House.  We will ask you to provide appointment cards or medical notes in order to be able to authorise your child’s absence if it dips below 95%.

Every half day absence from school has to be classified by the school (not the parent/carer) as either AUTHORISED or UNAUTHORISED. This is why information about the cause of absence is always required, either by text, telephone or email.  When providing this information please give the student’s name and surname, form group, parent/carer name and reason for absence.

The Attendance Improvement Officer is normally informed of unauthorised absence and home visits often result.

Unauthorised absences are those that the school does NOT consider reasonable and for which no permission has been given. Unauthorised absences amounting to 15 sessions (7.5 days) by a student during a 12 week period could result in a penalty referral. If there are further unauthorised absences a penalty of £60 per parent/carer can be issued by the the Lead for Attendance from the Local Authority, rising to £120 per parent/carer if not paid within 28 days.


The school does not authorise family holidays unless there are very exceptional circumstances, and this is at the discretion of the headteacher.  You may receive a fixed penalty fine for any unauthorised absences.

Medical Appointments

All medical appointments should be taken outside of school hours where possible. Although we do understand this can be difficult at times, it is important to recognise that just a couple of hours out of the school day can impact on progress in lessons missed.

Attendance at Break and Lunchtime

Students in Years 7 – 10 are expected to be on the school premises from 8.40am – 3.20pm. Year 11 are allowed out of school at lunchtime with the written permission of parents, and only if their prior report shows good attitude to learning and achievement.

Attendance Policy

The Attendance Policy can be found on the Ridgeway Learning Partnership website.

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