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Special Educational Needs

The Learning Support Department is made up of 14 Teaching Assistants, an Assistant Special Educational Needs Coordinator and a Head of Learning Support (SENCo). The role of the Learning Support Department is to aid the learning and progress of students with special educational needs, and to help remove any barriers to learning that they might experience. 

The main objective of the Special Needs Policy is to assist any child who has a special educational need which is affecting their progress at school. The support for students with SEN is coordinated by the school’s SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and it is their job to ensure that students with barriers to learning are identified, appropriate interventions implemented and their progress reviewed on a regular basis. 

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA)

Some students may need extra support during exams. This may be one or more of the following special exam access arrangements:

  • Use of ICT
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Rest Breaks
  • Extra Time
  • Prompt

Students who the school feel may benefit from additional support during exams are tested in school to ascertain the type of support which would be most appropriate. Even though students may have had access to support during their SAT’s at KS2, it does not mean that it will automatically be the case at KS3 or GCSE. The school has to retest at each Key Stage as required by the exam boards.

The school will test a student if:

  • They have previously accessed exam support at KS2
  • Their teacher(s) makes a referral to Learning Support with concerns about the student
  • There is evidence from classroom-based assessments that a student needs support during tests

Once a student has been assessed, the school will contact parents with any recommendations. Please note that although we will take into consideration a private educational psychologist report about exam access arrangements, we may not apply to the exam boards with their recommendations. Instead, we have a qualified tester in school, and we will use their recommendations about how best to support a student in exams.


At Tring School we recognise that students make progress at varying rates. At times they may need extra support to help them overcome a hurdle or a problem that, within the normal classroom setting, is difficult to do.
We identify students through the use of data produced by their class teachers and put in support as quickly as possible.

SEN Information Report 2020-2021

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