Super Curriculum

We believe that all of our students should be inspired to achieve their very best, and develop a love of learning. The Super Curriculum provides students with the opportunity to enhance their learning, with lots of suggestions of activities they can try outside of their lessons. The suggestions are a mixture of things you can WatchSeeReadDo and Think

Tring167Students are able to complete the majority of these suggestions independently, however, there are some ideas that will be great to do as a family!

As students work their way through all of the Super Curriculum tasks for each of their subjects, they will earn achievement points, which go towards both their individual achievement point totals, and towards their house totals. They just need to let their teachers know which ones they have completed and we hope they enjoy completing these challenges!

Super Curriculum Year 7

Super Curriculum Year 8

Super Curriculum Year 9

Super Curriculum Key Stage 4

Super Curriculum Key Stage 5

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