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Assessment & Reporting Calendar 2020-21

All dates given are for the Friday of the week in which they will be published.

Year Autumn Spring Summer

Progress Tracker

4 December 2020

Progress Tracker

26 March 2021

Progress Tracker

25 June 2021


Progress Tracker 

20 November 2020

Progress Tracker

19 March 2021

Progress Tracker 

28 May 2021


Progress Tracker

13 November 2020

Progress Tracker 

16 April 2021

End of Key Stage 3 Grade

28 May 2021


Progress Tracker 

6 November 2020

Progress Tracker

29 January 2021

Progress Tracker

30 April 2021


Progress Trackers

16 October 2020

18 December 2020

Mock Results Day & Tracker

4 March 2021


Progress Tracker 

26 November 2020

Progress Tracker 

5 February 2021

Progress Tracker 

10 June 2021


Progress Trackers

9 October 2020

11 December 2020

Progress Tracker

5 March 2021


Attendance office numbers at a glance

For information on Attendance please click here.

Absence Text Number 07860 095374
Absence Phone Number 01442 821052
Absence Email Address

Dining Hall

Tring School operates a biometric finger recognition system for our school meal service and our online payment facility includes the ability to credit canteen accounts.

It is possible to update accounts at a till point with cheques or cash, but we would like to encourage online payments with Wisepay as they are more secure and will guarantee monies are used for school meals as intended. The system uses finger scanning. This does not involve taking a finger print but a subset of unique features of the fingerprint are extracted from a scanned image and converted into a biometric template/pattern which is converted into a binary number. This is used and checked against the template generated each time a pupil places their finger on the scanner. 

Full fingerprint images are not stored and a usable fingerprint image cannot be generated (reverse engineered) from the template/pattern.

If your child wishes to have their biometric information scanned or would like to add money to their account by cash or cheque they must go to the dining room between 8.30 - 9.00am any day providing the dining room is not being used for assemblies etc. Scanning and updating during break and lunch is slow and holds up the rest of the diners.  Dining Hall Price List (January 2021).

If you have any queries please contact the Finance Office ( who will be happy to help with any questions you may have including providing passwords for the internet payment facility.

How to use our School App

Our App is designed to help you access important school information more quickly and easily from your mobile device.

From urgent announcements and letters home, to events and galleries, it's a convenient way to keep up to date with school life on the go.

Simply visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play from your mobile phone and search for Tring School, which can then be downloaded for free.

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Launching the App for the first time

Set up your school notifications - please select the categories/year groups/whole school etc you would like to receive notifications from and leave it turned on. This will enable the school to push urgent announcements, news and letters home directly to your device.  They will automatically be deleted once you have read them.

Settings - you can adjust your notifications at any time by visiting the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen.

News, Letters Home and Galleries - swipe the screen or use the tabs to view categories within these areas.

Calendar - swipe the screen or use the tabs to see events by category. You can select an event and click ‘Add event to calendar’ to save it to your personal calendar on your device

Please ensure you close the App when you are finished using it as this allows the content to refresh the next time you open it. Instant alerts will pop up on your device even when the App is offline.

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