Year 12 and Year 13 Academic Recognition

Each of the teaching departments recognised their most improved students in a celebration assembly on 26/27 March 2019. The most improved students were celebrated as  as “Bouncing Bunnies” and their students excelling in all areas as “Chirpy Chicks” . Very well done to:

ART Chirpy Chicks: Y12 The Whole Class ! Y13 Daisy B Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Josie B  Y13 Izzy A

BIOLOGY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Tim B Y13 Amber H Bouncing Bunnies : Y12 Joshua D Y13 Isobelle B

BUSINESS  STUDIES Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Holly W, Louis S Y13 Thomas G, Robbie F Bouncing Bunnies: Y13 Amrit D, Hollie H

BUSINESS  BTEC Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Abbie S, Dylan W Y13 Hannah H Bouncing Bunny: Y12 Finn E Y13 Matthew M

COMPUTER SCIENCE BTEC Chirpy Chick: Y12 Scott B Y13 Martin P Bouncing Bunny: Y12 Sebastian C Y13 Sam M

CHEMISTRY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Corin S Y13 James L Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Alex H Y13 Amber T

CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Ben S, Maddie H, Megan R, Daniella P Y13 Josh H, Freya S

CRIMINOLOGY Chirpy Chick: Y12 Rebecca A Bouncing Bunny: Y12 Tom A

DRAMA Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Giulia H Y13 Scarlett R, Callum C, Joe G, Katie C

Bouncing Bunnies : Y12 Charlotte H Y13 Shaye M

ECONOMICS Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Louis S Y13 Alex R Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Eddie F, Conor F Y13 Luca C, Joel M, Helena N

ENGLISH LIT Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Melissa T, Finlay M, Eavie H Y13 Paige S

Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Harry J Y13 Rebekah M


Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Arthur C

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Beth L Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Robyn N Y13 Tom M

FILM STUDIES Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Ben F Y13 Dylan P Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Cam R Y13 Adam H

GEOGRAPHY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Cole J  Y13 Alex R Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Alex L Y13 Louis E

HISTORY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Luke R, Rebecca L, Melissa T, Louis S Y13 Daisy B, Ella S  Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Holly S, Elspeth B Y13 Abi H, Alice M, Poppy S

MATHS  Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Sam B, Joe N Y13  Mara R, Alana V Bouncing Bunnies : Y12 Charlotte H, Ethan B, Max F Y13 Sam M

FURTHER MATHS Chirpy Chicks:  Y13 James L Bouncing Bunnies: Y13 Michael S

PE Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Cole J Y13 Ella F, Ben H, Harry G, Niamh B Bouncing Bunny: Y12 Harrison C Y13 Alex H, Hannah T, Issy H

PE BTEC Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Rebecca L Y13 Shaye M Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 James K Y13 Josh B

PHILOSOPHY & ETHICS Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Claudia B Y13 Hannah Y Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Tom A Y13 Ella F

PHOTOGRAPHY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Isabel J Y13 Amelia M Bouncing Bunny: Y12 Jessie H Y13 Eloise B

PHYSICS Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Sam B, Jack S, Joe N, Alex H Y13 Alfie M, James L

Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Dominic C, Declan W Y13 Peter E, Ben F

POLITICS Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Maddie D Y13 Alice M, Izzie T Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Henry H Y13 Hannah Y

PRODUCT DESIGN Chirpy Chicks: Y12 James D Y13 Michael S Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Robyn N Y13 Jake S

PSYCHOLOGY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Joshua D Y13 Amber H Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Henry C Y13 Harry E

SOCIOLOGY Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Anna W Y13 Hannah Y Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Enda D Y13 Kieran R

SPANISH Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Phoebe L Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Finlay M, Claudia B

TRAVEL & TOURISM Chirpy Chicks: Y12 Daisy L Y13  Charlotte P Bouncing Bunnies: Y12 Charlie M, Sophie C Y13 Lillie K

Students recognised by their tutors and Heads of House for their contribution:

Joshua D, Phoebe L, Laura L, Regan W, Fin M, Ellie W – for 100% attendance at Reading Buddies! Thank you to all the Reading Buddies  -  Miss Mackie

Phoebe L – for your amazing commitment and infectious love of Spanish. Has worked with Y6s, Y7s and Y10s regularly since September.  Mrs Simon is incredibly proud!

Ben S – your form is so proud you’ve been appointed Deputy Head Boy! - Miss Doyle

Emma M – well done for volunteering to be a mentor for LGBTQ+ students - Miss Doyle

Charlie M – for your commercial awareness, maturity and passion - Mrs Williams

Sophie C and Megan R– for taking it in turns to lead weekly music quizzes during Wednesday tutor time -Mrs Bullock

Henry H, Harrison C and Conor F – They have been brilliant helping out in KS3 Geography lessons - Mrs Jones

Maddie D – for coaching the Y9 students in preparation for the Mock Trials competition - Mrs Brown

Josif F and Harvey C – for being super rugby stars - Mr Morgan

Sam O, Becky A, Beth L, Kate A, Tia K, Holly W, Hannah W – for being wiling to get stuck into anything in the Outdoor Classroom - Mrs Lea

Georgina C and Lucy F – For always being prepared to lead activites and taking a leadership role in form which is so helpful! - Mrs Munro

Mara-Jade R – thank you for being a great role model and getting our form involved with a whole range of activities - Mrs O’Boyle

Paige S – for her willingness to help others - Mr Belony

Poppy S – for being an amazing House Captain and member of the form since Y7 and leading by example -Mr Otoo

Hetty B – for putting so much time and effort into her Head Girl project supporting vulnerable students—Mrs Jones and the SEN team

Rebekah M, Charlotte P, Hollie H – for taking it in turns to lead weekly music quizzes during Wednesday tutor time - Mrs Bullock

Halton House Captains – Alice E, Olie M, Emily B, Hannah T, Scarlett R, Michael S, Callum C, Shaye M, Katie C– You are brilliant! Special shout out to Michael who worked so hard on the House Music Competition—Mrs Baiden

Waddesdon House Captains – a massive thank you for all their hard work this year. They were exceptional on Charity Day when I couldn’t be there and should be very proud of all they have achieved - Miss Stefan

Will N, Ben H and Olie M – for being super rugby stars - Mr Morgan

Josh H – for being an excellent role model and always being happy to engage with the younger form members - Mr Wright

Rebecca H and Katie C – Thank you for being stars in form - Miss Jarvis

Harry G – for mentoring a younger member of the form - Mrs Knight

Ben P – for being an excellent role model - Mrs Taylor

Paige S, Katie C, Rebekah M and Amy B – for representing the school so amazingly in the Youth Speaks team.

Hetty B, Joe G, Olivia T, Max G – for doing such an amazing job of their Charity Day and raising over £700 for Hector’s House




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