Year 12 and Year 13 Academic Recognition

On December 17 and 18 we held our Christmas Celebration Assemblies, where we recognised the fantastic achievements of individual students during the Autumn Term. Subject teachers gave their nominations for ‘Outstanding Owls’ (students excelling in all areas) and ‘Super Squirrels’ (working the hardest to deliver the most improvement).

There were nominations from the Sixth Form Team, Form Tutors, Heads of House and other staff, in recognition of the outstanding contribution that some of the Sixth Formers make to the life of the school. 

Year 12 

Community Help

Congratulations to the students below who have completed 20 hours of community help so far this year:

Luca C, Freddie C, Charlotte S, Megan W

Congratulations to the students below who have completed 35 hours of community help so far this year:

Kieran B, Imogen C

Academic Achievement


Outstanding Owls: Freya MS

Super Squirrels: Edward M

Business BTEC

Outstanding Owl:  George W                  

Super Squirrel: Shannon C


Outstanding Owl:  David S            

Super Squirrel: Abi C


Outstanding Owls: James K, Katie A

Super Squirrels: Jodie S, Patrick S


Outstanding Owl: Taryn H

Super Squirrel: Amy T

Computer Science

Outstanding Owl: Matthew B

Super Squirrel: Jamie R

Creative Media Production

Outstanding Owl:  Katherine T

Super Squirrel: Caitlin B


Outstanding Owl: Libby F

Super Squirrel:  Georgia W


Outstanding Owl: Georgia C

Super Squirrel: Erren C


Outstanding Owl:  Harry R, Will S

Super Squirrel: Luca C, Charlotte S

English Literature

Outstanding Owls: Bella C

Super Squirrels: Katherine T

English Literature & Language

Outstanding Owls: Pauline BS

Super Squirrels: Harry T

Environmental Science

Outstanding Owl: Jack FA

Super Squirrels: Jacob B

Film Studies

Outstanding Owl: Emma J

Super Squirrel: Jess B

Further Maths

Outstanding Owl:  Taryn H

Super Squirrel: Jay O


Outstanding Owl:  Amy T

Super Squirrel:  Harriet S

Government and Politics

Outstanding Owl: Jasper J

Super Squirrel: Sofia C


Outstanding Owls:  Elly B, Freddie C, Kelsey E, Alec K, Jasmin W, Jamie B, Shannon C, Pauline BS, Sam H, Cara M


Outstanding Owls:  Taryn H, Phoebe F 


Outstanding Owl: Will A (thanks for playing for Junior and Male Voice Choir!)


Outstanding Owls:  Sarah T, David S

Super Squirrel: Josh H


Outstanding Owls:  Maia B, Izzy B, Ashley R, Lewis T, Angelika S, Abi M

•Super Squirrels: Dan R, Joe S

Philosophy and Ethics 

Outstanding Owl:  Elly B

Super Squirrel: Will A


Outstanding Owl: Will S

Super Squirrel: Sophie C


Outstanding Owl: Luke M

Super Squirrels: Jamie R, Leah K

Product Design

Outstanding Owls: Jack FA

Super Squirrels:  Eden S


Outstanding Owl:  Frankie L


• Outstanding Owl: Megan W


Outstanding Owl: Sam H

Super Squirrel: Morgan L

Travel and Tourism

Outstanding Owls:  Megan W, Sophia C, Danielle B, Robyn W

Super Squirrels: Jess B, Chloe B

Outstanding Contribution –  Staff Nominations

Izzy B, Annie P, Cara M– for their valued time spent with Year 7&8 netball teams, using your free time leading training sessions and assisting with matches. From Miss Sandy

Imogen C, Emily P – for getting involved and taking a leading role in tutor time activities. From Miss Bullock

Ben P– so much dedication to his subjects and the upcoming drama performance. Good luck!  From Mrs Yenney

David S – for being a superstar on the Senior Football Team. From Mr Wilson 

Jasper J – for being a star on the football team AND helping out with Year 7&8 football every week. From Mr Wilson

Ben G and Ed M – for being the Outstanding Owls and Super Squirrels of the Senior Rugby Team. From Mr Morgan

Imogen C – always so helpful and amazing helping in lessons with Year 10. She gives up so much of her time to help others!  From Mrs Jones

Angelika S, Hannah I, Katie A, Natalie M, Elly B and Sophie M – for volunteering to invigilate for Y11 Spanish Speaking mocks. From Mrs Baker

Jasmine W and Daniel C – they are great assets in tutor time, they organise activities with younger students and are great role models. From Mrs Mitchell

Katie A – always offering to lend a hand and has been really useful with tours, admin and lessons.  From Mrs Jones

Aysha W, Laura L and Emma B – for editing Tring Writes magazine! From Mrs Brown

Imogen C– for being so incredibly helpful volunteering in KS3 lessons. From Miss Corney

A1 Lizzie P - For always supporting the younger students

A3 Eleanor B - positive start to Tring school, being lovely

A2 Frankie L - For being a great support to younger students

A8 Katherine T - For creating an exceptional piece of art for remembrance day

A12 Sofia C - Huge improvement and such a helpful member of form group

A16 Megan W - For lots of involvement in mentoring younger students

W8 Freya N - Always showing enthusiasm towards tutor time activities as well as being proactive

W10 Georgia W - For a fantastic start to sixth form!

C3 Erina F -  For being the voice of joy every morning!

C16 Luca C - For always preparing fab form activities!

H6 Charlie B - For fully embracing sixth form life, including running lots of activities for the form!

H10 Caitin B - For being very supportive and being there for others.

H14 Will S - For being a positive and enthusiastic member of the form and for his contributions to peer mentoring.

H15 Katie A – For being an excellent role model for the rest of the form. She's always polite, kind, well mannered, punctual and works hard! An all rounder!  

100% Attendance!

Hannah I, Ben M, David S, Chloe B, Anna E, Jack FA, Eleanor B, Josie H, Louis M, George W, Millie R, James K, Gus E, Sophi K, Luca C, Maria G, Grace F, Maia B, Megan S, Isla ​V, Ella T, Isabel P, Daniel R, Imogen C, Sophie M, Harry L, Elle N, Ben L, Jacob G, Bryn R, Harriet S, Lizzie P, Elly B, Jasper J, Luke M, Cass C, Fergus B, Charlie S, Joe S, Erina F, Jasmine M, Patrick S, Freya N, Victoria A

Girls’ sport superstars!

Basketball - Jay O & Freddie C

Football - Sarah T

Netball - Izzy B, Annie P, Cara M & Freya MS

Wonderful Reading Buddies

Abigail C, Rosie S, Bella C, Freya N, Katelin W, Jasper J, Shannon C, Demi TR, Ashley R, Zara H, Jasmine M, Isabel P, Charlotte S, Georgia C, Emma J, Lucy H, Isla V, Zoe R, Amy P, Sarah T, Jack H, Alana J, Fergus B, Megan W, Jack B

Year 13 

Community Help

Congratulations to the students below who have completed 20 hours of community help so far:

Elspeth B, Josie B, Sam B, Maddie D, Amelia E, Millie F, Lily F, Ben G, Polly H, Giulia H, Charlotte H, Georgia L, Daisy L, Amelia M, Daniella P, Ben S, Melissa T, Anna W
Congratulations to the students below who have completed 35 hours of community help so far:
Tim B, Megan G, Hannah G, Cole J, Gemma M, Robyn N, Ellie P, Holly S, Lauren W, Aysha W, Regan W, Chloe W
Congratulations to the students below who have completed 50 hours of community help so far:
Rebecca A, Laura B, Sophie C, Abby C, Jade E, Rebecca L, Phoebe L, James L, Ellie S
Congratulations to the students below who have completed 100 hours of community help so far!!
Eliza C, Josh D, Charlotte H, Abbie S, Holly W
And MEGA congratulations to the student below who has clocked
up more than 300 hours of Community Help!
Lauren B
Academic Achievement
Outstanding Owl: Grace M
Super Squirrel: Aysha W
Business BTEC
Outstanding Owls: Violet C, Abbie S
Super Squirrels: James K, Oliver K
Outstanding Owl: Louis S
Super Squirrel: Charlotte H
Outstanding Owls: Rebecca L, Tim B
Super Squirrels: Lauren W, Scott B
Outstanding Owl: Sam B
Super Squirrel: Corin S
Computer Science
Outstanding Owl: Scott B
Super Squirrel: Sam L
Creative Media Production
Outstanding Owl: Megan R
Super Squirrel: Ciaran M
Outstanding Owl: Sophie C
Super Squirrel: Anna R
Outstanding Owl: Giulia H
Super Squirrel: Charlotte H
Outstanding Owl: Louis S
Super Squirrel: Jenny M
English Literature
Outstanding Owl: Alex L
Super Squirrel: Luke R
English Literature & Language
Outstanding Owl: Zoe P
Super Squirrel: Lily F
Environmental Science
Outstanding Owl: Chloe W
Super Squirrel: Megan G
Film Studies
Outstanding Owl: Ben S
Super Squirrel: Matt B
Outstanding Owl: Cole J
Super Squirrel: Oliver K
Outstanding Owls: Lauren B, Louis S, Anna W, Charlie H, Rebecca L, Fin M, Hannah W, Gemma M, Ellie W, Megan R
Super Squirrels: Holly S, Elspeth B, Millie F, Luke R
Outstanding Owls: Charlotte H, Ben S, Sam B, Jevan I, Tim B
Super Squirrels: Tom M, Sarah H, Dom C
Outstanding Owl: Nicole G (thank you for running ukulele club and being such a positive force in guitar group)
Outstanding Owls: Cole J, Gemma M
Super Squirrels: Jade E, Scott T
I would like to acknowledge the whole A Level PE class, for just being the best class ever and an absolute pleasure to teach, you are all wonderful, thank you! Mrs Golla
Outstanding Owls: James D, Ben F
Super Squirrels: James K, Jorden W
Philosophy and Ethics
Outstanding Owl: Claudia B
Super Squirrel: Kate A
Outstanding Owls: Isabel J, Jessie H
Super Squirrels: Yasmin HC, Henry C
Outstanding Owl: Sam B
Super Squirrels: Jevan I, Seb C
Outstanding Owl: Maddie D
Super Squirrel: Henry H
Product Design
Outstanding Owl: Jevan I
Super Squirrel: Luke C
Outstanding Owl: Lucy M
Super Squirrel: James L
Outstanding Owl: Charlotte H
Super Squirrel: Hollie G
Outstanding Owl: Oliver C
Super Squirrel: Claudia B
Travel and Tourism
Outstanding Owls: Sophie C, Dominika S
Super Squirrel: Beth T
Outstanding Contribution – Staff Nominations
Maddie D – always helps out with in form activities such as the quiz. She also organised a charity food list which we are doing for Christmas this year and donating to DENS. From Mr Wilson
Megan R and Sophie C – for leading tutor time activities. From Miss Bullock
Daisy L– She has been ever so helpful this term, helping younger students settle in.
From Mrs Yenney
Phoebe L – has been running a Spanish club every Tuesday lunchtime for the past 2
years. She is an exceptional Spanish Ambassador! From Ms Simon
Luke B – for being a fantastic leader on and off the pitch and for helping out with junior
rugby after school. From Mr Morgan
Tom A – for helping to organise the Sixth Form Charity Football Team and supporting Abbie. From Mr Wilson
Lily F, Sophie C, Oscar I and Daisy L - for being invaluable at the Year 11 into
12 Open Evening. They were a credit to Tring School. Wow and thank you! From Miss Fleming
Gemma M, Polly H and Jade E  for running hockey club on Tuesdays after school.
Thank you. From Miss Bullock
Beth T – for going with the inter-girls swimmers to the National finals on a Saturday in
November. From Miss Bullock
Josif F and Cole J – for being superstars on the Senior Rugby Team. From Mr Morgan
Joe C, Harrison C and Thomas S– for being superstars on the Senior Football Team.
From Mr Wilson
Charlotte H – for being so helpful and kind to the other tutees. From Mr Holmes
Amelia M and Aysha W – for helping at Pottery Club. Your contributions have been invaluable.
Harriet A and Grace M – for running Art Club so brilliantly. Now you know what it feels like to be in a room full of Year 7s!
From Mr Woolf

A5 Finn EM - For taking part and leading sixth form tutor sessions

C2 Gemma M - For having such a wonderfully positive attitude in form times & encouraging everyone to take part even though they don’t want to!

C1 Laura B - For contributing so much in form time and being a great role model for the Year 7s!

W6 Maddie D - For setting a great example and organising/running Monday form time quizzes and the form advent calendar

C8 Charlotte H - For being kind, compassionate and caring to others. Charlotte is a
model pupil who always has a smile on her face
C15 Laura L - For having a wonderfully positive attitude, raising spirits in the tutor group and volunteering to help!
CONGRATULATIONS on getting your SILVER D of E Award!
Ellie S, Rebecca L, Charlotte H
100% Attendance!
Tim B, Naomi C, Sophie C, Luke C, Seb C, Adam C, Hollie G, Theo HK, Charlotte H, Cole J, James K, Oliver K, Peter K, Tia KM, Alex L, Phoebe L, James L, Sam L, Dylan M, Isaac M, Lucy M, Tom M, Amelia M, Luke R, Corin S, Jack S, Louis S, Will S, Ellie S, Dominika S, Ellie W, Anna W, Dylan W, Regan W



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