Advice & Guidance

Keep calm and try to follow this advice:

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep before an exam.
  • Get all your things ready the previous evening
  • Have a good breakfast (rumbling stomachs are very noisy!)
  • It can be quite cool in the exam hall - be prepared
  • Don't try to cram last minute revision – it rarely helps
  • Try to relax before the exam
  • Don’t be put off by what other candidates say
  • Think positive!
  • The exam questions are not trying to catch you out – they are designed to let you show your knowledge and skills.
  • Establish a routine for exam times

Please click here to remind yourself of the Wellbeing Monday slide show on Coping with Exams.


Advice and Guidance Date  
Tring School Years 7 - 11 Information Booklet 2020-21 16th Sep 2019 Download
Advice in the Exam 01st May 2019 Download
Exam FAQs 01st Apr 2018 Download
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