Conservatoire Courses

Conservatoires are small, specialist higher education institutions that offer education and training in the performing arts in the disciplines of music, acting, dance and circus arts, as well as theatre and film production.

Conservatoires UK is an umbrella organisation for 11 specialist music, performing arts and production arts conservatoires across the UK. Each conservatoire has its own strengths and specialisms, so it’s important to research all of them to find the right fit for you. For example, although all conservatoires offer music courses, only two offer drama courses, and some offer subjects like film and production. 

The conservatoires in the UCAS scheme are:

Other conservatoires may operate outside the UCAS Conservatoire scheme.You may have to apply to them directly or through the UCAS Undergraduate scheme. If the conservatoire is not listed above, check with them to find out more about their admissions process. 

For further information about studying at a Conservatoire, please refer to this detailed guide. 

How to apply through UCAS Conservatoire

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