Work Experience

Work Experience gives you the chance to explore new industries beyond theoretical knowledge, discover roles you never knew existed, and figure out what sort of working environment suits you best.  In the current climate, with many workforces now working remotely, it is most likely Work Experience (WEX) opportunities have changed to virtual placements that you do from home through your computer.

With this in mind we have decided to alter the WEX programme that we offer. Instead of offering just one dedicated week we are encouraging all students to sign up to any virtual opportunities between now and August. Hopefully this flexibility will ensure all students find courses and experiences suited to them. 

Virtual WEX shares many similarities with traditional, in-person opportunities but their online nature allows students to work with organisations across the country and even the globe. They are particularly relevant in these unprecedented times, as they enable students to gain invaluable work experience and boost their CV in spite of coronavirus restrictions. This is a perfect opportunity to look into different roles and industries rather than just focusing on one, particularly if you are unsure about your future plans. This would also be a brilliant opportunity to develop soft skills virtually - these are included on the Virtual Work Experience Opportunies document below.

Work Ready Virtual Experience - an excellent free course available to all students

Google Reflection

Whenever you complete anything to do with Work Experience please fill in the Reflection Google Form.  We are required as a school to track students WEX involvement and also allows us to update your Unifrog profiles.

Reflection Google Form

Virtual Work Experience Opportunities - updates hightlighted

Keep in touch

Please complete the Employer Health & Safety Declaration and the Parent Consent Form (copies available in the folder below) and return to Mr C Curry. 

As you start researching, you will notice that the opportunities vary in dates and duration. Although many of these opportunities are taking place during school holidays we will be flexible in allowing students time away from their academic studies if you find an experience that takes place during the school day. Please contact Miss A Moore and Mrs E Browne as early as you can if you need to miss part or a whole day.  


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