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Posted on 1 Oct 2021

Thank you!

Please look at our Big School Fit Out challenge.  A big thank you to our donors for your support.  

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Posted on 7 Sep 2021

Rocket Fund - The Big School Fit Out

Launch of our fundraising appeal For more information or to make a donation please click here.

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Posted on 12 May 2021

Student Update May 2021

Students are given an update on how the project is progressing and how the information obtained from the student survey is being used to design the interior - the colour schemes and style of signage.

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Posted on 4 May 2021

April newsletter

  What an incredibly active four months it’s been on the Tring School site! The last time we wrote an article the foundations for the building had just finished and we were waiting for the first steel sections to arrive. Four months on and the steel framework is now complete. In addition to this, the roof is in place, the stairwells installed, the cement cladding for the walls has been attached and the window frames are in place. The construction is moving incredibly quickly and it remains on schedule for us to move in at the beginning of January 2022. During this time we have had to keep the school operational, of course, and dealing with Covid in the best ways that we could. On Monday 8th March we were delighted to welcome back all our students. This was a very challenging week because we had to test all the students 3 times within 11 days. This was a mammoth effort but all the staff involved, as well as the students themselves were absolutely brilliant. Since then the school has settled back into a purposeful rhythm and the students are delighted to be back and enjoying their learning.  The next few months of the construction process will see the walls and window installation completed and the roof go on the sports hall. On the exterior bricklaying commences whilst inside B+K will be working on the “first fix”. The rate of progress is so exciting and even awe inspiring to see and we can’t wait to watch the developments over the spring and then the summer.     Rod Gibberd April 2021

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Posted on 20 Apr 2021

360° views

You've seen the rebuild of the school from above and from the side, but how about a  360° view. Click on the links below to see how things have changed inside the building site. From the foundations up, you can see how far we've come and what's left to complete.

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Posted on 30 Mar 2021

Tring School's latest developments

The main structure of Tring School's new building has been built and the walls are now in. Click here for the full story  

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Posted on 11 Mar 2021

Student Update March 2021

Drone footage shared with students and staff showing how far our new build has progressed.

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Posted on 24 Feb 2021

The new structure takes shape

For what seems like a long time, the rebuild of Tring School has been all but a secret to passers by on Mortimer Hill. The phased demolition of the original structure provided a privacy screen, to what will be the largest building project Tring has seen in decades. After months of preparation, the construction firm, Bowmer + Kirkland began forming the giant steel structure that will eventually become the new school. Hidden from view for the first few months, it started to peek through in early January and has crept up and along with each week passing. What began as a humble 4-pin structure, has now become a 3-storey zig-zag building that is already starting to resemble the architects plans we saw last year. With the most recent addition being the new sports hall added last week, the next step will be to run facilities throughout the building before adding walls, roof and windows. The demolition of the old school was symbolic for many, with a large proportion of the waste material being ground into rubble for the base of the new structure. Whilst it was emotional to see the existing blocks disappear, the arrival of the new structure is exciting, and symblolises what will hopefully be a sign of the greater things to come in 2021. With the return of the students in early March, we can't wait to settle back into a routine and admire the amazing changes happening in front of our eyes. Rod Gibberd, the schools' Business Director says; "At the moment the new build project is on time and on schedule to be completed late in 2021 with the new buildings coming into operation at the very start of 2022. After this we still have to demolish most of the remaining old buildings (excluding the Beloe and Desborough blocks) and complete the parking areas and landscaping.  2021 is going to be a very exciting time for Tring School. Our new buildings and sports facilities will be very “state of the art” and we can’t wait to see them start to take shape and then be completed before our eyes." For more information on the progress of the new build and exciting updates, please follow us on social media.  Facebook Instagram If you have any questions you would like to ask regarding the new build, please contact us here.  

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Posted on 2 Jan 2021

Update for New Build

The redevelopment of Tring School is powering ahead and hitting a new milestone each month. Since work started, in March 2020, the entire operation has been executed with precision and dedication from the school and the construction firm, Bowmer + Kirkland. From the move into the temporary building, to the ground-breaking for the new structure, 2020 was a year for progress. As we move through 2021, there have already been vast changes, with so many more to come. The interim school arrived in August 2020 and was an immediate hit with the students and staff. Despite being a temporary solution, the two-storey building containing 22 classrooms, laboratories, Learning Support department, plus offices and toilet facilities felt and feels like a permanent structure. The students and staff have been impressed with the quality of the building and can’t wait to see the new school grow throughout this year. After we have relocated half of the school into the temporary accommodation, work began on demolishing some of the old buildings. Watching this happen has fascinated many of the students! The first stage of the demolition was completed in August 2020, much to the delight and amazement of the students and staff. The entire process was done with little to no disruption to the school and adjoining sports centre. We said goodbye to the Neville block first, closely followed by the Hobson block and parts of Fells and Watkins. Not a thing goes to waste during the redevelopment. What was salvageable has been sent for recycling and the hardcore was ground up to lay under what will be the new school. In December 2020 we saw the first foundations laid for the new structure. Since then, the building has been rapidly growing with each passing week and is now visible from the main road. The metal frame will form the now familiar zig-zag shape of the new three-storey building. As we move through 2021 we will see the new school completed before the final demolition and landscaping is completed in 2021.  As well as being resourceful with the old school structure, Bowmer + Kirkland will build and finish what will be one of the most sustainably designed schools in the country with additional facilities to support the pastoral care and emotional well-being of the students. Also, a local benefactor has committed to fund expanded sports facilities to encourage more participation in physical activity and exercise.  The new facilities will include state of the art science laboratories, design and technology facilities, art rooms, classrooms, new dining room, learning resources centre, sixth form centre, a four court sports hall and an activity studio. Every single teaching space will benefit from new and high quality ICT equipment. The front of the new building will be some 65 metres further back from the road and reducing the impact on the local community has been a key element in the exterior design and landscaping. Every single element of the new school has been carefully considered and meticulously planned.  The aim of the redevelopment is to provide a state-of-the art, safe and energy efficient teaching and learning environment which meets the outstanding standards we have set ourselves as a school. The redevelopment of Tring School will be the largest school rebuild of its kind taking place in the UK over the next three years.  The majority of our school buildings were first constructed in 1956 when we moved to our current site at Mortimer Hill. Whilst these buildings have served us well over many years, they are no longer fit for purpose. This project is a huge opportunity for all of our students and the wider Tring community.  Our priorities are to ensure that our school remains fully operational with no impact upon the quality of our students’ learning, disruption to local people is kept to a minimum and the project is carried out in partnership with our students, parents, local residents and Department for Education.   The project will see a number of our old buildings taken down and being replaced with a new three storey block to house new teaching spaces.  There will also be a brand new sports centre built adjacent to the existing sports hall. A £2m major refurbishment of the swimming pool has now been completed. Work is now well underway in our programme of works for the new school building. A question has been asked about the capacity of the new school and whether we have or should have increased it. The short answer to this is no. The number of pupils we take is determined by the Local Authority (Herts County Council) and this is influenced by many factors including birth rates and housing developments. Our PAN (pupil admission number) is 240 and this is considered sufficient for the current and future needs of Tring and the catchment area of surrounding villages. Even as an academy we cannot simply increase our PAN without the approval of the Local Authority.  Our new build is being paid for by the Department for Education and they will only fund according to the PAN so our capacity remains at 240 students per year group and 300 in the Sixth Form.   We look forward to updating you on our progress on this hugely exciting redevelopment project. 

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Posted on 15 Dec 2020

First stage of school demolition is complete

Builders complete demolition to make way for Tring School's £30 million new build project Please click below for the full articleFull article

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Posted on 29 May 2020

Tring School granted £30 million for new build

HEMEL TODAY Tring School has announced that work has begun on the school's £30 million new build project. Earlier this year, planning permission was granted for a rebuild to provide Tring with a new, sustainable school. After extensive conversations with the Department for Education and the contractor, Bowmer + Kirkland, including the establishment of safe working practices, the construction team came on site in late March.  Please click here to read full article.

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Posted on 4 Feb 2020

Press Release February 2020

Tring School wins planning consent for circa £30 million rebuild.  Planning permission has been granted for a rebuild to provide Tring with a brand new state of the art, safe and sustainable school. The circa £30 million scheme, funded by the Government’s Priority Schools Building Programme, is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. Work is due to start this Easter with the new buildings being opened in late 2021. Please click on this link to read full Press Release.

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