Posted on: 2022-01-12

GCSEs are a stressful time for all involved, whether you are a student, teacher or parent.

For many parents, exams have changed a lot since they did them so trying to make sure their children are supported in the best way possible can be quite overwhelming. We want to put you at ease, having children in Year 10 & 11 is certainly a challenging time but just a positive and encouraging attitude from you can make a lot of difference to your child.

GCSEs are a great platform for students to use to pursue their ambitions. They require students to really hone in on their skills as independent learners; teachers cannot hold all their students’ hands through their exams. It will also be their first experience of public examinations with proper exam conditions, this can be daunting for students so it is really important they feel supported. In order to help you provide this support we have broken down all the things you need to know if you have children preparing for GCSEs.

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