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The German A Level course aims to foster a love and appreciation not only for the German language but also for film, music and books written in German. We study German as an influential European language and through cultural studies, students’ knowledge of the German language is broadened. We explore a range of viewpoints on issues that are current in today’s world such as sport as a business, human rights and the role of the media.

We also are aiming to set up a link for our A Level students with students in Germany to give that ‘real-life’ practice that develops confidence. It is an exciting and interesting A Level which complements study in either the Sciences or the Arts as it provides students with the opportunities to study abroad later on.

Awarding Body: AQA

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE German and completion of the higher GCSE paper.  Grade 5 in GCSE English Language.

Future opportunities

Students will become confident communicators who can express themselves and their points of view clearly with guidance from their teachers. Language skills are highly sought after by both universities and employers.

Course Content & Assessment

Course Content



100% examination at the end of Year 13.

MFL Team

Subject Lead for KS4 & KS5 Mrs K Simon
Subject Lead for KS3 Mrs J Baker
  Mrs E Ferris
  Miss H Spargo
  Mrs E Thorndyke
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