Tring Talk Student Council

Our student council is called Tring Talk. Any student can nominate themselves to be part of this group. We meet every fortnight for an informal discussion and once a half term for a formal meeting.

48377156 591611814607059 1816218120449163264 nAt our fortnightly meetings students have the opportunity to give feedback, ask questions and make suggestions. It’s a great forum for students to have their say and get answers to questions that they have about the running of and the future of our school.

At the formal meeting we share important information with the students and debate current school issues, for example use of tutor time  or our new assessment policy.

Tring Talk gives every student at Tring the opportunity to be heard. We advertise it regularly to remind students that it is there for them to come and share their thoughts and ideas. 

Our meetings are held in Learning Resource Centre - Week 1 Tuesdays from 1.35 - 2.00pm.
Meeting Date of Meeting Tring talks about ...
Next Meeting 05/03/2019  
Drop-In 13/02/2019
  • Bus Duty at the end of school - better way to announce which bus is ready for students
  • Lego Club in the LRC
  • DVD library in the LRC
  • Suggestion for £10,000 project - lifelike babies to care for/dealing with house fires etc.
  • Homework - less on computers.
  • Reducing plastic in the canteen
Drop-In 29/01/2018
  • Mr Gibberd has asked for suggestions for the £10,000 project
  • Homework
  • Could there be an area that students are allowed to text/receive texts?
  • Lockers in new build - bigger and more central?
  • D&T/Textiles Club
  • Ukuleles need someone to tune them
  • Collective Worship
  • Uniform
Drop-In 15/01/2019
  • Meetings now held in LRC
  • Suggestion Box now outside Connexions
  • Noticeboard outside Connexions with updates for all students
  • Could students be allowed to use a microwave to heat their own soup
  • Could cheese be included in the Pasta Pots price
  • Lunch Queue - there is a prickly hedge outside the D&T rooms that students get pushed into when told to stand in line
  • Year 9 exams are overwhelming
Drop-In 18/12/2018
  • How to encourage more students to attend
  • Suggestion Box and Notice Board
  • Year 13 support for preparing for Apprenticeships instead of University
  • Prefects - pros and cons



  • KS3 Assessments



  • Computer Science in KS3
  • Litter around the school
  • Access to toilets during break and lunch
  • Set up Google Classroom for this group

Formal Meeting

  • Form Time - likes/dislikes/suggestions
  • New name for student council - Tring Talk
  • Student Classroom Observations
  • Student Imput in teaching at Tring School


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