Student Council

At Tring we have a Student Council who meet regularly to discuss the strategic development of the school. The students are elected by their tutor group and hold their place in the council for one academic year.

This year our Student Council have been involved in an exciting pilot project which has trialled students observing teachers and giving feedback. This has been a success and we will work with teachers and the Student Council to further develop this strategy next year.

The Student Council has also given students the forum to learn more about and ask questions related to our new build. We aim to keep the Student Council involved throughout the process so that they can feedback to their form groups and raise concerns from their form groups too.

Student Governance

Input into teaching and learning

Supporting each other

  • Student leadership groups
  • Student councils
  • Student focus/action groups
  • Student interviewers
  • Student governors
  • Youth parliament
  • Student researchers
  • Student learning walks
  • Curriculum co-construction
  • Student websites
  • Peer mentoring
  • Student trainers
  • Peer counselling
  • Student mediation
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