Assessment and Reporting

At Tring School, the progress of students is monitored using a variety of assessment methods. These include exams and other formal tests, together with teacher assessments and informal tests.

At each assessment point during the year, a snapshot of your child’s progress to date is recorded in Go 4 Schools, and this is communicated to you via the tracker reports.

By carrying out regular assessments it enables us to measure your child’s progress towards their expected outcomes, and ensure interventions are put in place if required.

Students attendance in school should be 100%, and a summary of your child’s attendance will be shown on the tracker; together with a summary of your child's behaviour record and achievement points. 

Should you require any further information or clarification relating to your child’s assessment and reports, please contact the Form Tutor initially.

Assessment and Reporting Calendar 2019-20

All dates given are for the Friday of the week in which they will be published.

Year Autumn Spring Summer

Progress Tracker

28 November 2019

Progress Tracker

20 March 2010

Progress Tracker

3 July 2020


Progress Tracker 

13 December 2019

Progress Tracker

28 February 2020

Progress Tracker 

19 June 2020


Progress Tracker

22 November 2019

Progress Tracker 

27 March 2020


Progress Tracker 

8 November 2019

Progress Tracker

31 January 2020

Progress Tracker 

22 May 2020



Mock Results Day & Tracker

13 & 14 January 2020

Progress Tracker

20 March 2020


Progress Tracker 

To be confirmed

Progress Tracker 

28 February 2020

Progress Tracker 

9 June 2020


Progress Tracker 

11 October 2019

Progress Tracker

31 January 2020

3 April 2020





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