Times of the School Day

8.00 am School Reception and LRC open
8.40 - 9.05am Tutor Time/Assembly - Students must be in their form room by 8.40am ready to start the day.
9.05 - 10.05am Period 1
10.05 - 11.05am Period 2
11.05 - 11.35am Breaktime - 30 minutes
11.35am - 12.35pm Period 3
12.35 - 1.35pm Period 4
1.35 - 2.20pm Lunchtime - 45 minutes
2.20 - 3.20pm Period 5
3.20pm Lessons finish
4.30pm (4.00pm Friday) Learning Resource Centre close
5.00pm (4.30pm Friday) School Reception close


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open at 8.00am for students wishing to read or study, however there are occasions when it is used for exams.  If the LRC is closed for exams/exam preparation this will be shown on the digital Student Tutor Notices.

During the Summer Exam season our school day alters to allow minimal disruption to our students taking GCSE & A Level.

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