Ebooks, Audiobooks & Podcasts

To support reading from home we are now able to offer our students and staff free access to our collection of nearly 2,000 eBooks and audiobooks.  

Click on the link below to find out how to start borrowing:

A Guide to accessing our eBook and audiobook Library

The library catalogue is full of bestselling, popular fiction titles and will offer students a 24/7, 365 library while our well stocked print library in school is out of action.   Students can have 1 eBook title out on loan at any one time, and that title will automatically return after 2 weeks, or students can return them early in order to loan a new book. 

Many organisations are allowing access to previously paid for reading and audiobook resources. Here we include just a few of the options available.

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  • FREE READS from the popular author Tom Palmer -You can also watch and listen to Tom Palmer on his YouTube channel.
  • Oak National Academy Website in partnership with the National Literacy Trust.  Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.
  • Penguin website  Penguin talks programme for young adults, Puffin story time for younger children
  • Hertfordshire Public Libraries  Digital books, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines 
  • Buckinghamshire Library  Use your bucks library account to borrow ebooks and audiobooks to view on your Chromebook or phone 
  • Audible  Free 30 day trial for audiobooks 
  • Audible Stories  Audible have made a selection of their children’s audiobooks available for free, including literary classics, texts in French and Spanish, and folk Ckmjjc o 400x40057bb44960c7bdb6238247e8c world book day mintales
  • BookBub  A selection of free ebooks for Kindles 
  • Google Books  Google Books has a vast index of books, many of which are available to read in full, but some will only be available as samples or for limited access.
  • Project Gutenberg  ebooks of texts out of copyright
  • BookTrust  Bookfinder - find out about books in a wide variety of genres
  • BookTrust  HomeTime - resources for younger students
  • World Book Day: World of Stories  Audiobooks
  • World Book Day Secondary Resources  Extracts and activities 
  • Librivox  Audiobooks of texts out of copyright, read by volunteers 
  • Poetry Foundation  Contemporary and classic poetry


Podcasts are available covering every possible area of the curriculum, and are free to listeners.

To listen, you can either download a dedicated podcast app like Overcast or Pocket Casts, listen via Spotify, or listen via a podcast’s own website. Here are a few recommendations: 

  • 99% Invisible - design and society 
  • The Allusionist - language and communication 
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class - history 
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage - science Ted logo1
  • 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy - design, history, business and politics 
  • Articles of Interest - fashion and textiles 
  • Page 94: The Private Eye Podcast - politics 
  • Song Exploder - music 
  • More or Less - economics and maths 
  • BBC Sounds: Documentaries - various topics 
  • You’re Dead to Me - history 
  • We Can Change the World - interviews with inspiring young people 
  • TEDTalks - various topics400x400bb
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