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The project to rebuild the majority of Tring School is now well underway. Work started in May 2020 to prepare the ground for the erection of a temporary two storey building containing 35 classrooms, labs, offices and amenities. This construction was completed in late August enabling the staff to move in at the end of the month with students being in the classrooms from 2 September onwards. 

The students and staff have all been hugely impressed with the quality of the new facilities and they are far superior to the old buildings they have left behind. The rooms are large, bright, warm and have a high specification of ICT in every teaching space. 

Now that we have relocated half of the school into the temporary accommodation, work has begun on demolishing some of the old buildings. Watching this happen has fascinated many of the students!! 

The demolition will be completed this Autumn and then we can move on to building the new school. The three storey building will be constructed by Bowmer + Kirkland and will be one of the most sustainably designed schools in the country with additional facilities to support the pastoral care and emotional well-being of the students.  A local benefactor has also committed to fund expanded sports facilities to encourage more participation in physical activity and exercise. 

The new facilities will include science laboratories, design and technology facilities, art rooms, classrooms, new dining room, learning resources centre, sixth form centre, a four court sports hall and an activity studio. Every single teaching space will benefit from new and high quality ICT equipment. The front of the new building will be some 65 metres further back from the road and reducing the impact on the local community has been a key element in the exterior design and landscaping. Every single element of the new school has been carefully considered and meticulously planned. 

The plans for the new school buildings (Presentation from Public Consultation September 2019) can be seen in the document folder at the bottom of this page.

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Friday 29 May 2020

Tring School has announced that work has begun on the school's £30 million new build project.

Earlier this year, planning permission was granted for a rebuild to provide Tring with a new, sustainable school.

After extensive conversations with the Department for Education and the contractor, Bowmer + Kirkland, including the establishment of safe working practices, the construction team came on site in late March.  Please click here to read full article.



The aim of the redevelopment is to provide a state-of-the art, safe and energy efficient teaching and learning environment which meets the outstanding standards we have set ourselves as a school.

The redevelopment of Tring School will be the largest school rebuild of its kind taking place in the UK over the next three years.  The majority of our school buildings were first constructed in 1956 when we moved to our current site at Mortimer Hill. Whilst these buildings have served us well over many years, they are no longer fit for purpose.

This project is a huge opportunity for all of our students and the wider Tring community.  Our priorities are to ensure that our school remains fully operational with no impact upon the quality of our students’ learning, disruption to local people is kept to a minimum and the project is carried out in partnership with our students, parents, local residents and Department for Education.  

The project will see a number of our old buildings taken down and being replaced with a new three storey block to house new teaching spaces.  There will also be a brand new sports centre built adjacent to the existing sports hall. A £2m major refurbishment of the swimming pool has now been completed.

Work is now well underway in our programme of works for the new school building. A question has been asked about the capacity of the new school and whether we have or should have increased it. The short answer to this is no. The number of pupils we take is determined by the Local Authority (Herts County Council) and this is influenced by many factors including birth rates and housing developments. Our PAN (pupil admission number) is 240 and this is considered sufficient for the current and future needs of Tring and the catchment area of surrounding villages. Even as an academy we cannot simply increase our PAN without the approval of the Local Authority.  Our new build is being paid for by the Department for Education and they will only fund according to the PAN so our capacity remains at 240 students per year group and 300 in the Sixth Form.  

We look forward to updating you on our progress on this hugely exciting redevelopment project. 


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