Head to the Learning Resource Centre to see the fantastic range of books available for students to further their knowledge on the Black Death, King John and all things Norman! 

Click here for a list of suggested reading from your History teachers

BBC website - Normans

History on the Net

Autumn Term - The Normans


Prepare a speech for one of the other contenders to the throne.

Create a model of the Battle of Hastings showing where the Normans and Anglo-Saxons were.

Use to research what happened to Edgar the 4th contender to the throne.


Go to the site of the Battle of Hastings at ‘Battle.’

Try to visit 1 of the Norman sites:


1066: A Year to Conquer England - BBC teach series on the Normans (6 episodes).


Look at the BBC iwonder page on ‘why should I care about 1066?

Research what castles the Normans built:


BBC bitesize - lots of detail on the contenders.

Visit the Pevensey castle English Heritage website:

Read Stormin' Normans (Horrible Histories) by Terry Deary and Martin Brown - available in the LRC.

Spring Term - The Normans and King John


Make a model of a castle

Complete the 1066 game:

Try hosting your own Medieval feast:


Visit Berkhamsted Castle and/or Warwick Castle.

Go and see the original Magna Carta at the British Library.


‘Robin Hood’ 1973, Disney.  Watch the class clip on King John and the Magna Carta:


Murder mystery ‘What happened to William Rufus? Use

READ  Normans - lots of activities.


Summer Term - The Black Death, Peasants Revolt & Medieval Religion


Design and make a model of the Black Death victims - make sure you include all of the symptoms of the Black Death!

Try one of the Black Death games:


London Dungeons, the Thomas Becket’s Shrine at Canterbury or try to visit 1 of these places to do with the Black Death:


Measly middle Ages horrible histories.

Listen to the Black Death podcast:

Watch the class clip on the Black Death:

Listen to the peasants revolt podcast:


‘How did the Black Death affect peasants and rich?  Were the consequences the same?

Research why some countries death rate was higher during the Black Death.

Is Wat Tyler a hero after the peasants revolt use:


Read ‘Medieval Lives’ Terry Jones. 

Read: The Black Death (Young Reading Series Two) (Young Reading Series 2) by Rob Lloyd Jones and Daniele Dickman | 8 Feb 2018

Go to: Look at the ‘I spy churches guide.’

Go to for details on the murder of Thomas Becket.

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