PRS in the KS4 Curriculum

Year 9 students study:

Philosophy and Ethics - New Specification
  • The whole cohort take the full course GCSE (AQA RELIGIOUS STUDIES THEME A).
  • In Year 9 we start the Unit on 'Crime and Punishment'. We examine the reasons we have laws, the aims of punishment, attitudes to different punishments including the death penalty and the role of forgiveness.  
  • We also study the Unit 'Religion and Life' including theories about the creation of the universe and mankind, the environment, abortion, euthanasia and attitudes towards the use of animals.
  • These key themes are considered form the point of view of Christians and Muslims and from non-religious points of view. 
2018-19 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Summer 2


B - Religion and Life

Run over time

Islam Practices
Autumn 1

E - Crime and Punishment (Christian Belief)

Assessment before Oct Half Term

Christianity Practices

Tracker - mid

Autumn 2

Punishment (Christian Belief)

Tracker - start

Peace and Conflict Run over time
Spring 1

E - Crime and Punishment (Christian Belief)

Exams - wb 29 January

B - Religion and Life

Islam Beliefs

Tracker - start


Spring 2

B - Religion and Life



Summer 1

B - Religion and Life

1 – Islam



Tracker - end


A sample of KS4 Lesson Plan:


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