What is Character Education?

Character education aims to education the child as a whole. Tring School is fully committed to helping young people become responsible, caring and contributing citizens by demonstrating our key character traits; Determination, Curiosity, Independence and Communication.

Character education will be embedded at Tring School in the following ways:Capture 1

Ethos, Culture and Vision

  • ethos
  • environment / celebrations
  • expectations


  • explicit teaching in lessons
  • behaviour for learning
  • tutor programme and assemblies

Learning Outside the Curriculum

  • extra curricular
  • voluntary work
  • leadership
  • community

Character Passport

Pupils have been distributed a Character Passport and will be rewarded for their participation for curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Achievement Suggestions

  • Apply one of the Character skills
  • Achieve an excellent assessment result
  • Improve on your previous assessment result
  • Ensure you have excellent attendance
  • Attend or request extra support from your teacher
  • Complete a detailed piece of homework
  • Act on feedback given by your teacher to improve your work
  • Participate in a group task
  • Present confidently in front of your class
  • Contribute in class discussions
  • Read extra books/articles, listened to podcasts or watch documentaries related to your subject
  • Go out of your comfort zone and approach a task in a new way
  • Lead an activity

Volunteering Suggestions

  • Run an Enterprise stall at an enterprise market
  • Involve yourself in a youth club
  • Collect litter
  • Look after someone less fortunate than you
  • Offer to help rather than waiting to be asked
  • Help in a local school or hospital
  • Help at annual local Tring events
  • Support a local charity or organisation
  • Support younger students with their learning

Clubs Suggestions

  • Join a music club (singing, playing an instrument or both!)
  • Join a sports club (seasonal)
  • Participate in an arts club
  • Join a Science club
  • Get involved in a social club (Choc n’ Chat, CU)
  • Get involved in the pottery club
  • Get creative at a drama club
  • Participate in extra-curricular clubs outside of school (Scouts, Youth club, Young Farmers Club, Pony Club)
  • Get creative at the origami, craft or reading club

House Suggestions

  • Get involved in one of the many house competitions
  • Help the teachers organising the competition
  • Help your Head of House with a task
  • Mentor a younger student within your form
  • Coach or train a team
  • Support your house’s chosen charity
  • Wear your house colour during competitions
  • Support your tutor by participating in tutor time activities

Wellbeing Suggestions

  • Participate in Wellbeing Monday tutor time activities
  • Help others selflessly
  • Complete a random act of kindness for someone
  • Track your weekly/monthly wellbeing activities
  • Work on your own personal resilience
  • Actively learn about new faiths, cultures and experiences
  • Support your friends and family in being well (healthy eating, exercise)
  • Look after yourself by eating well, sleeping at least 8 hours and drinking plenty of water
  • Apply any of the themes covered in the Wellbeing Monday tutor sessions
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