Enhancement Team

We believe that developing students into well rounded and responsible citizens is at the core of our aims. Students’ are offered advice and guidance within our thoroughly developed Lifeskills, Careers and Resilience programmes as well as by our incredibly supportive Enhancement team.

Underpinning the guidance we give is our key character traits;

Determination, Curiosity, Independence & Communication.

Our Connexions Centre opens at 8.30am and offers information, guidance & counselling to students.

Assistant Headteacher (Strategic Lead) Mr I Rogers
Enhancement Leader (responsible for careers) Mrs J Hay   01442 822303

Super Curriculum Leader Miss A Esland
Connexions Administrator Mrs C White  
YC Hertfordshire PA Mrs A Wickens  
Life Skills Administrator Mrs C White  
School Counsellor Mrs B Belmont  
Independent Career Advisor Mr S Devani David Ritchie & Associates


Please follow us on twitter @TSEnhancement

Our Lifeskills and Career Programmes are regularly updated with a complete check carried out at the end of the school year - next review due end of March 2021.

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