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Take a look at these links to research future options for both university and careers pathways. A great website to research jobs and the qualifications needed. A guide to careers, education and student life This website includes results from the National Student Survey of student satisfaction. Use this with care! Much useful information on universities and courses, including films. Be aware that much of this is subjective, and other people’s views might not be yours. An interactive section allows you to create your ideal university course by entering criteria which are important to you. Some of the judgements about individual universities are very subjective, but there is a lot of useful information. There is some useful information here, e.g., on how to choose a course, but beware of putting trust in league tables! The official guide on student finance. Information on graduate employment. The “Rate My Placement” website gives useful feedback from students who have undertaken “sandwich” placements: i.e., courses which include up to a year of paid work experience. It includes videos with advice on “Assessment Centres”, “The Perfect C.V.”, “Internships &Work Experience”, “About Psychometric Tests”, “Interview Tips”, “Interview Techniques in Detail”. A guide to finding taster courses. A wide variety of Careers-related and HE subject-related courses, found under “Futurewise Courses and Events”. Headstart courses are mainly, but not entirely Engineering-related. There are some Science courses. A wide variety of HE subject–related free 1 day courses in London usually in late June and early July. Real stories to inspire your career choice Options for work, apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships, college and university Apprenticeships!


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